Quiz Attempts

How to enable attempts tracking

The Quiz Component has the capability to allow a user to take multiple attempts at a quiz. This is enabled by changing the Retry Behaviour setting under Properties when the Quiz is selected.

The following options are available:

  • Disabled turns off retries completely and if failed, the learner cannot retry.

  • Reset Failed will clear responses for any questions the learner got wrong when Retry is clicked.

  • Reset All will completely clear the quiz when Retry is clicked.

Tip: Retry behaviour is useful for allowing learners to re-complete self-checks again until they get the answer correct, but can also be useful for assessments.

How to show past attempts

If you want to allow a learner to see their past attempts, the above setting can be used in conjunction with the Attempts Table component which can be dragged into any existing Quiz component.

No additional setup is required to use the Attempts Table – it will automatically synchronise the quiz with the attempt selected in the table. When a past attempt is selected, the quiz will become disabled and the question inputs will show the response selected at that point in time.

Use with an assessor flow

Enabling Attempts Tracking in conjunction with an Assessor Workflow presents an interesting use-case because it provides a way for a manager, observer or assesor to mark and leave feedback against a learner’s submission and then provide visibility to that learner over their feedback.

When using with an Assessor Workflow, we recommend the following guidelines are followed:

  • Configure the Completion Condition for the page to "None / Module Roll-Up" since the activity's completion should be managed by the assessor instead of the learner's initial quiz submission.

    Then create a workflow that will Assign a Task to an assessor with a trigger to Mark Completed when the assessor approves the page.

  • Create an “Assessor” variation with the audience of Target User exists so that you can change content for the approver.

    It's now possible to use the variation to provide the power to either the learner or the assessor to control who kicks off a retry:

    • Set Retry Behaviour to "disabled" by default and enable it for the Assessor variation to provide the assessor with the ability to retry and re-mark an assessment.

    • Or, set Retry Behaviour to "reset..." by default and then disable it for the Assessor variation to force the learner to re-submit the quiz with new responses.

  • Use the Assessor variation described above to hide and show questions for either the Learner or the Assessor. Using variations, you're able to design a quiz where an initial set of questions are shown to a learner and then the assessor will see "grading-specific" questions for marking correctness and providing feedback.

  • Use the Logic component to hide or show questions based on whether a Learner is viewing past attempts. This is important if you only want to show assessor responses when a learner navigates to an old attempt via the Attempts Table.

    Logic supports the following conditions for Attempts Tables:

    • is Active Attempt Selected is triggered when the user selects an unsubmitted attempt.

    • is Old Attempt Selected is triggered when the user selects an attempt that has already been submitted.

    • is Attempt with Assessor Submission is triggered when a user selects an attempt that an assessor has also reviewed and submitted their feedback against.

    • is Attempt without Assessor Submission is triggered when a user select selects an attempt that hasn't received feedback from an assessor yet.

Note that responses and attempts are synchronised between both learner and assessor automatically. Anything the learner responds to will be propagated to the assessor and vice versa to ensure everyone is working from the same state.

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