2021 / Q1 - Q2



  • New Loco Integration enables support with Loco's third-party translation service for ClearXP CMS content. When page changes are published, these are automatically uploaded to Loco for translators to fill-in missing translations. New translations are periodically checked and pulled back down to ClearXP before being populated against the content.


  • Fixed a bug where the enrolments export had stopped working.

  • Fixed an issue where sending test notifications for a face-to-face event would not populate any session placeholder fields.

  • Added a check prevent the "you have errors" validation message from incorrectly appearing when navigating from an event to a session.

  • Fixed the user invite form not working when a date attribute was added to the user.

  • Fixed an error that was occurring when marking attendance for users in a session and the location for that session did not contain a room.



  • Face-to-Face Management Design Overhaul to align with how activities are managed across the rest of the platform. This includes:

    • A cleaner and more refined user interface splits Events and Session details onto different screens with a new paginated, sessions list view making it easier to find sessions under an event.

    • Thumbnails, banners and publish settings can now be changed for both events and sessions.

    • Events and sessions now include the Analytics tab for reporting and exploring analytics.

    • Improvements to performance when adding users to a session and searching for a venue.

  • Early Cohort Management functionality released that allows the creation and assignment of users to an arbitrary number of cohorts. Cohorts can then be used to limit social functionality and group users together when assigning face-to-face sessions.


  • Fixed an error occurring when trying to to edit notifications on a cloned session.

  • Added support for uploading gif images.



  • New Version History table has been added to show an audit log of user profile changes that have been made to a user's profile, including the author and date the change was made. Expanding the version history will show which fields have been changed between versions.

  • Activity Search now includes autocomplete suggestions for dynamically applying filters to the search results – start typing an attribute name and the search will allow you to filter by that attribute.

  • The Users Listing now includes the user's status (active, inactive or deactivated) and will visually fade out deactivated users in search results.

  • Completion Records now include a new Assigned Date metric which indicates the date the activity visually appeared in the learner's Learning Hub (this may be different to the Start Date if the user was assigned the training after the Start Date had passed).


  • Fixed a bug where switching an activity's content between CMS Page and some other format (External URL or eLearn) wouldn't allow the content to be resaved as CMS.

  • Improved performance of user bulk upload when the unique attribute is numeric.



  • Video Conferencing added as a new standard field for Face-to-Face sessions that will appear as a dedicated "Join Conferencing" link on the session screen when added.

  • New Notifications Metrics exposed in the Data Explorer that allow reporting on user attributes for the recipients of a notification.


  • Fixed an issue where responses to Rating Scale (likert) questions weren't being indexed correctly and so the Selected Choice option wasn't available in reports.

  • Fixed a bug where certain enrolment workflow configurations would trigger the Assigned notification even if the user had already been assigned that activity.

  • Fixed an issue in the CMS where content was being unexpectedly replicated (activity carousel items as well as text paragraphs).



  • Enrolment Export added to the enrolments screen that will export based on the checkbox selection or any search/filters applied.

  • CMS Activity Search now includes toggle filters for Program or System-wide search and search results now respect the activity scope assigned to the user.

  • Data Bulk Import now supports the ability to bulk import earned achievements such as badges – when importing data against a badge, the badge will now be awarded to that user.


  • Fixed an issue where editing a child label wouldn't save that label unless the parent was re-selected. The UI now pre-selects the parent of a child label to prevent this issue.

  • Fixed a bug where adding a CMS logic condition of "when answer does not exist" and saving would revert to the "when answer exists" condition when editing a second time.



  • Activity screen overhauled to split all the different sections into a tabbed navigation – tabs also only appear when relevant settings exist for the activity being edited to prevent an overwhelming number of on-screen settings.

  • Auto-Mapping of Bulk Import columns based on naming convention. If the column name in the spreadsheet file matches an existing system field, then the column will be auto-mapped preventing the need to manually map all columns.

  • The workflow Assign Task action now supports new options for setting the type of task (approval or assessment) and when set to assessment, includes an option for selecting the assessor role for the user that will be performing the assessment (this feeds into reporting data).


  • Fixed the face-to-face session conflict check which wouldn't always pick up conflicts if the dates weren't fully overlapping.

  • Changes workflow processing so that dynamic Start and Due dates will be updated when the source metric or param is changed (this was previously only working with attribute changes).



  • Enrolment Workflows now include a new Locked status that can be used to visually lock an activity if prerequisites or other conditions haven't been met.

  • New 360 Assessment template that can be used to create custom quizzes that can then be assigned to other users to conduct 360 assessments of an individual.

  • New User Selection component added to the CMS that allows learners to pick a user or multiple users from a dropdown selection. This can be used for the creation of "select a mentor / training partner" questions, or even to feed the selection into an Activity Workflow for the assignment of approval/assessment tasks.

  • The Data Explorer contains new face-to-face session metrics such as all activity settings (registrations open/closed, etc.), activity details (cost, available places, etc.) and the ability to report on Facilitator fields such as their name, user attributes, etc.


  • Fixed an intermittent issue where activities in the carousel component wouldn't always be locked correctly if the prerequisite conditions hadn't been met.

  • Fixed a visual bug where embedded activities weren't appearing in the CMS editor once added.

  • Fixed an issue where completions weren't being recorded for activity workflow activities that contained both a "Complete Workflow" and "Assign Content" action in the same step.



  • Completion Certificates awarded to a learner will now appear in the Learning Hub under the learner's Achievements on their profile screen.

  • New Slider CMS Component that can be added to quizzes to allow learners to respond to range-based questions. The component can be configured with min/max values as well as a step size to control the number of increments.

  • Improvements to Completion Dashboards including:

    • Addition of overdue status to module breakdown report.

    • Roll-up of module status to higher-level activity when Reporting Activity is set.

    • Fixes to various roll-up calculations.

  • Activity Feedback is now able to be enabled for hierarchy modules.



  • New Learning Pathway component that can be used to add a dynamic nested pathway to a CMS page. Pathways can be extend to any arbitrary depth or complexity.

  • Additional report filters including:

    • The ability to automatically include all activities that match a given activity attribute in a report.

    • New labels option for including all activities grouped under the specified label.

  • Improvements to bulk resource editing including a new "Select All" checkbox for selecting all resources on-screen as well as performance improvements for applying large numbers of label changes at once.

  • EOI Dashboards may now be configured with filter overrides to only show applications that match predefined rules (such as only new applications within a date range, etc.).

  • Completion Records now include an additional completion date metric that is converted and stored in the learner's preferred timezone for improved internationalisation support.


  • Fixed an issue where the realm selector wasn't showing in the non-primary realm due to an incorrect permission check.

  • Improved processing performance for both enrolment and module changes.

  • Fixed an issue where some users/groups weren't appearing on the roles screen if the number of roles and assigned users/groups exceeded an arbitrary system limit.

  • Fixed a bug where applying custom filters to a dashboard report and then attempting to edit that report in the data explorer was resulting in an error occurring.

  • Changed report cloning to also clone the permissions and sharing options from the source report.

  • Fixed an issue where report and attachment sharing options would show old data if editing, saving and then editing again.



  • New Video Analytics exposed in the analytics dashboards that show the following when drilling into an activity that contains an embedded video:

    • Count of users who have watched the video by timecode – this helps to reveal common points at which users stop watching a video.

    • How much of the video has been consumed over time.

    • Common video control interactions such as playing, pausing and skipping.

  • Label Management overhauled to allow easier creation and assignment of labels:

    • Checkboxes now exist for selecting and assigning a label to multiple resources in a single step.

    • The ability to create new labels from within the label assignment dialog.

    • User Groups now contain label support for organisation.

  • ClearXP admin access is now tracked just like any other piece of learning content so admin utilisation can be reported on in the same manner as any other activity.

  • ClearXP page titles now dynamically update to reflect the screen and resource being accessed, making it easier to identify when multiple browser tabs are open.

  • Learning Hub Manager Assigned functionality now utilise the same permission scope as manager dashboards. This means if a user belongs to a manager's team (either direct or indirect), the manager will be able to assign them learning.


  • Fixed an issue where ClearXP wasn't redirecting correctly when SSO was configured on.

  • Fixed a performance bug where accessing content as Guest account was slowing down the browser.

  • Changes tracking of likert scale questions to resolve the selected choice which can be used to report on the label of the choice, instead of just the internal value.

  • Fixed a data processing issue where manager assigning content would sometimes cause the user's active registration to be lost.



  • Face-to-Face Expression of Interest setting expanded to include three possible options – disabled, always enabled, or only enabled when no available sessions.


  • Fixed an issue where unpublished courses weren't getting filtered out of search unless re-saved.

  • Changed Face-to-Face clone functionality to also clone any custom notification settings/messages.

  • Fixed Face-to-Face clone functionality not sending Facilitator-Assigned notification message for the cloned session.



  • Enrolments now include a dropdown selection to select the enrolment category from a preconfigured list – i.e. Mandatory, Recommended or any others that have been defined in the system.

  • Analytics Dashboard expanded to be able to drill down multiple content depth levels – i.e. from screen to quiz to question, etc.


  • Improved load performance of dashboard completions reports which were timing out with very large numbers of users. This fix also improves search and filter performance for the report.

  • Many fixes to bulk upload functionality including:

    • Better stripping of whitespace or invalid characters

    • Validation when importing sessions and not attaching to a parent event

    • Validation when importing a resource and it encounters multiple duplicates

    • Validation on emails to force correct format



  • Multilingual Capabilities have been exposed across the platform, this includes:

    • The ability to specify different activity names/descriptions per language.

    • In-built editing of CMS content for different languages, including changing text content, images, videos, question names and any other text-based properties.

    • When a learner accesses the Learning Hub, all content will be displayed using the language from their user language preferences, otherwise falling back to their configured browser/system language.

  • Exposed Enrolment References on the Groups screen to show what enrolments a user group belongs to.

  • Exposed Role/Permission References on both the User and Group screens, including the ability to add the user/group to a new role and customise their permissions scope without having to change screens.

  • User Activity/Completion table now supports searching, sorting and the ability to reset state for a given activity.

  • The Data Explorer now supports reporting on the Notifications data source making it possible to report on the number of notifications sent out by channel (hub, email or push).

  • Enhanced Tracking added to Tab and Section components – tabs will track when toggling between different tabs and sections will record when they enter into the user's viewport.


  • Fixed incorrect pagination on the user activity table.



  • User Activity panel added to the user profile screen that will show a searchable table of activities the user has accessed, along with completion status. Each activity can be expanded to see the user's stream for that activity.

  • Expression of Interest activities now support the ability for an admin to unregister a user from the program (and specify a reason) from the completions table after the user has been approved and enrolled.

  • Multilingual support added to activities so that activity names and descriptions can be customised per language with the appropriate language selected automatically based on the logged-in user's preferences.

  • Performance improvements to jobs processing that means overnight enrolment workflow changes are now more than 8x faster to process.


  • Fixed an issue where Exporting the attendance status for a F2F session wasn't showing the Download button.

  • The response output format has been changed for the Date Picker component since this was causing issues with back-end processing of dates.

  • Fixed an issue with activity scope being applied incorrectly when a user belongs to multiple roles and one includes unlimited scope.



  • New Analytics Dashboards that provide drill-down reporting from a system level, down to program, module and even question-level analytics. These include:

    • High-level view of how users are interact with the platform – access and completions over time, as well as sharing, assignments and user ratings/feedback.

    • Summary and breakdown of what achievements, rewards and badges are being earned and from which activities.

    • Ability to see what resources are getting accessed the most along with how users are finding those resources (via search, assignments, program pages, etc.).

    • Snapshot view of trending activities, completions and what audiences are accessing on which devices.

    • Customise the date range for dashboards or filter by user attribute or group.

    • Drill into any piece of data to see finer detail or save as a dedicated report that can be exported, shared or emailed.

  • All Reports and Data can now be exported to Excel format as well as CSV.

  • The CMS Hotspot component now includes an option to display a completion status tick as each hotspot is completed.



  • Upgraded the Rich Text Editor in the authoring tool for improved text-editing and formatting capabilities including:

    • Different heading sizes for consistent styling.

    • Embed bullet and numbered lists, including nested lists.

    • Format text as a block quote or monospaced.

  • New Reference Component that allows embedding dynamic values pulled from the system, including any of the following:

    • The user's name or any of their attributes (State, Position, etc.).

    • The Activity's name, description or any defined activity attributes.

    • Responses to questions and quiz scores, even across different screens.


  • Added check and default value when importing an xAPI package with a tincan.xml file that doesn't include a defined language in its metadata fields.

  • Fixed an issue where PDF generation was failing for completion certificates with missing fields.



  • Activity Quality Summary will now display for activities that contain feedback ratings. The summary will show a breakdown of ratings received along with any feedback comments provided by learners.

  • Social Analytics Data has been added for activities that contain social feeds, including:

    • A time-series chart of posts/comments/likes over time

    • A breakdown of social interactions by type and user attribute

    • A listing of top-liked posts in the social feed.


  • Fixed image thumbnails not loading in iOS and Safari browsers for customers using a vanity domain name.

  • Fixed an issue where group updates may have been timing out due to large numbers of user changes.

  • Improved component ID generation in the CMS editor to prevent the chance of two components using the same ID.



  • Introduction of a new Logic Component for content authoring that allows building of more complex interactions, such as:

    • Selective release of content by enabling/disabling parts of the screen until earlier content has been completed.

    • Decision tree and branching scenarios by dynamically linking to screens based on previous responses and interactions.

    • Display Dynamic feedback and content based on responses to earlier questions.

  • CMS screens panel has been redesigned now with the ability to re-arrange screens by dragging and dropping.

  • Activity Completion Reports can now be opened in the Data Explorer to allow for editing or scheduling the report to be emailed out.

  • Email Recurrence for Scheduled Reports now have a new option for ending the recurring report on a specific date.


  • Fixed an issue where removing individuals from a user group wasn't displaying the "unsaved changes" message.

  • Changed activity clone behaviour so that custom settings will also be cloned from the source activity (previously they were being reset).

  • Fixed an issue where the "Toggle Unlock" button wasn't always working when editing the CMS Reward component.



  • Program Activity Type which includes:

    • The ability to sandbox a collection of activities under a common parent Program for the purposes of administration and reporting.

    • Users with their permission scope set to a Program will only be able to access and create activities underneath that program.

  • New Certificate Achievement that will allow you to select an uploaded PDF that will be awarded as a certificate of completion when a user completes the course. If the PDF is created as an editable form, then the form fields in the generated certificate will be populated with the user's name and completion date.

  • Manager-Assignable Activity Setting which provides the ability to restrict which activities can be assigned by a manager, either by disabling altogether or by setting as non-mandatory.



  • CMS Enhancements including:

    • Images can now be uploaded within the authoring tool itself instead of having to select a previously uploaded image.

    • Hovering over a component now highlights the margins and padding that has been applied to that component to make it easier to identify the source of whitespace.

    • Navigating a multi-screen activity will now scroll to the top of the content whenever the screen is changed.

    • Improved functionality for dragging a component within the editor so that the page will scroll more predictably as you drag towards the top or bottom of the screen.

  • New Report Options including:

    • Ability to select Multiple Choice Option as a response value so that the report will output the name of the selected option instead of the unique ID.

    • New filter option to filter on score for a question.

    • Changed response filter into a single option that will filter against numeric and text responses.


  • Fixed a bug with Feedback and Column components getting reinitialised when selected. This was causing multiple issues where styles/content changes would either disappear or get duplicated.

  • Changed behaviour of cloning/duplicating container components so that the cloned content will appear after the original instead of inside it.

  • Improved CMS copy and pasting functionality to ensure styles are retained and undo/redo works more predictably.

  • Fixed a sporadic issue where report templates wouldn't always have any saved filters applied on first-load.

  • Fixed a bug where adding, saving and then removing a user attribute would mean the newly created attribute would still exist even after deleting and saving again.



  • Send Notification functionality updated to include:

    • The ability to set the notification recipients to only overdue users for that activity

    • The ability to use an existing workflow notification as the type – this means that the pre-configured email settings and message for that notification will be used when sending the notification ad-hoc.

    • Improvements to processing performance of notification sending.

  • Notification Email Templates now split the placeholders for User and Recipient, so you can address an email to the Recipient if received on behalf of another User.

  • Manager Dashboards now include pagination for teams with large numbers of users.


  • Improved enrolment processing speed for Single-Sign-On flow so that assigned learning appears immediately after first sign-in.

  • Fixed permission controls on Manager Dashboards so that a user assigned to multiple different dashboards will only pull in the users allocated to the specific dashboard they're looking at.



  • Learning Hub Dashboards improvements, including:

    • A new high-level summary view for managers of multiple teams that can be drilled into view team-specific dashboards.

    • Finer-grained permissions control so that users or groups can be assigned specific dashboard views with scope set to any arbitrary users. This enables the ability to assign dashboards to users who may not ordinarily belong to that team.

  • Expression of Interest Dashboards now include the ability to provide an additional comment when declining the expression of interest. This reason appears in the summary table as well as the drill-down stream.

  • Enrolment Status reports now contain the option for reporting on the user's Start Date and Due Date.

  • Full Screen CMS Template now contains a Pass Grade option that will send completion and success if the user scores above that mark.


  • Changed user deletion to redirect away from the user profile screen – this prevents an issue where deleting and then re-saving the user would cause them to re-appear in search results.

  • Fixed a bug where certain saved reports could not be reloaded correctly.



  • Admin Dashboards now include a new status for learners who have Not Started the activity vs users who are In-Progress but have not completed. This status displays in all summaries as well as the user completion report.

  • Enrolment Workflows is now able to utilise custom completion fields (i.e. Issue Date and Expiry Date) as Trigger Conditions.

  • Learning Hub default thumbnails and banner images are now able to be customised per type so a different default image can be set for different activity types.

  • Activity Labels can now be added to an activity directly from the Activity Edit screen, and these labels can be clicked to navigate to a list of activities underneath that label.

  • Label Filters are now preserved when navigating backwards and forward through browser history.

  • Activity Attributes now support configuring a preset dropdown list of values as well as date and number types instead of only free-text input.

  • Completion Status reports now contain the option to be filtered by user.


  • Added support for embedding nested CMS activities on iOS.

  • Fixed an issue where report columns were being duplicated when saving.

  • Changed unpublish functionality to apply enrolment changes sequentially instead of all at once, which will prevent performance implications when large numbers of users are affected.

  • Fixed an unexpected error that was occurring when activating an account and no activation email had been configured.

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