Release Notes



  • Theming Functionality now allows activities to be provided with a custom colour palette. Themes are system-wide and can be applied and synchronised across multiple activities. Themes also now allow custom fonts to be set, although these are not accessible via the theme editor just yet!

  • Improved CMS Link Tool now eases the process of creating links within text content with the ability to link to any activity, screen or external URL. Activity and Screen links are now much easier to configure with a simple dropdown search instead of having to hand-code parameters.

  • Social Posts can now be arbitrarily pinned by moderators inside a CMS social feed.


  • Added the End Date to the Learning Hub session screen for sessions that spanned across multiple days.

  • Fixed a bug where cancelling/rescheduling a user from a session wasn't always actioning the removal from the enrolment.

  • Changed the CMS Pathway component to hide non-positive Duration values.

  • Fixed the CMS Reference component not correctly showing responses from Date input component.



  • Reworks Registration processing so that a user can be assigned two distinct registrations for the same activity and access them both in parallel without the data becoming fragmented. This allows a user to track two different attempts at an activity without the data from each attempt interfering with each other.

  • Bulk Upload can now be configured to send emails to facilitators that have been added a face-to-face session.

  • Performance Improvements when loading the events and sessions screen for events that contained a series.


  • Fixed a bug where changing the dates on a face-to-face session wouldn't update the dates on the enrolment unless that enrolment was also modified before saving.

  • Fixed an issue where removing a user from a user group would not run any unregistered triggers for enrolment workflows if they were subsequently removed from an enrolment due to the group change.

  • Inactive activities are now explicitly filtered out from dashboards.

  • Fixed an indexing issue where system-generated statements were not being correctly processed against the user they were pointing at.

  • Fixed a bug where the facilitator attendance-marking screen was not correctly restoring previously marked attendances.

  • Ensures session notes are now always displayed on the session screen (previously these were only showing if the event also contained notes).



  • Social AI Insights have been automated across the platform. For any activity that contains social posts or content, an AI algorithm will perform sentiment analysis to reveal insights such as:

    • Whether the writer of the social content contributed high, medium or low effort.

    • Whether the tone of the post is positive or negative.

    • The degree of subjectivity vs objectivity in the post.

    • Aggregations of all social insights to reveal the proportion of tone and effort that has been contributed to the activity as a whole.

  • Cohort Learning functionality expanded to include:

    • Cohorts can now be assigned to sessions for Face-to-Face Events that are added anywhere within the program pathway (previously this only allowed top-level Events).

    • The ability to move an individual to a different Face-to-Face Session from the rest of their cohort. The learner will still belong to their cohort but they will be scheduled to attend a different session to the rest of the cohort.

    • The ability to rename cohorts to a custom name.

  • Event/Session Series now support learner self-registration – this has required an overhaul to the Event view inside the Learning Hub to be able to show all dates within the Session the learner is applying for including confirmation steps for registration and cancellation.

  • Configuration Changes such as roles, permissions and dashboard assignments now take effect immediately. These were previously cached for up-to 5 minutes which would delay visibility of the changes but now reflect right away.

  • Live Sync has now been made much more robust to ensure completion statuses and notification counts will always be received even if the user experiences intermittent network connectivity dropouts. Additionally, the Learning Hub will now display a warning notification if an extended period of connectivity has been lost.


  • Fixed issues with interpolating placeholder values for Session Series both when sending the test email as well as for the Event Name placeholder when sent via a workflow.

  • Unassigned users for cohorts now correctly include users who have been approved via Expressions of interest workflows.

  • Session and Event links used inside email notifications now open the activity inside the Learning Hub instead of in a standalone browser window.

  • Fixed a bug where adding a single user to a Session Series and then removing that user would cause the enrolment to break.



  • New Authoring Tool Formula Builder:

    • Allows the creation of custom values that can be displayed on-screen or used in conjunction with Logic to control the behaviour of content.

    • Custom values can be formulas that are a combination of attributes and user responses (i.e. "Quiz Score / Quiz Max * 100" could be used to display a percentage score) or lookup tables which can calculate a different value based on matched conditions (when the user selects certain options, it can change the formula values used).

    • Custom values can reference other custom values to build complex formulas where the result is the combination of multiple other calculations.

  • Cohort Learning enhancements including:

    • The ability to create and auto-assign cohort members based on constraints such as number of cohorts or number of members per cohort.

    • The ability to move individuals to a different session to their cohort without removing them from the cohort itself.

    • Multiple changes to cohorts can now be drafted and won't be applied until saved, allowing for many changes to be made at once.


  • Read-only activity permissions now correctly disable all editable fields on the activity detail screen.

  • The Card Reveal CMS component no longer causes scrollbars to appear when the hidden content is larger than the visible on-screen content.

  • Fixed issues with the download/print view of the Assessment Template getting cut-off.



  • Admin Dashboard Enhancements including:

    • The completion table now includes the amount of time spent on the activity

    • The export file for module hierarchies now displays the most recent status for the activity (previously it appeared complete even if the activity had expired).

  • The Activity Detail screen now includes Role references which displays a list of roles that include scope over the activity and users or groups assigned to that role.

  • Completion Reports now include completion field metrics that may have configured on a per-client basis.

  • Removing Facilitators from F2F Sessions will now trigger a cancellation email to the facilitator when configured on.


  • Fixed a bug where editing a nested label two-levels deep wouldn't pre-select the parent label which prevented it from being saved.

  • Added support for the Loco integration to send translations for each of the option labels in Multiple Choice, Select, Rating Scale components, etc.

  • Fixed a bug where the session attendance report wasn't showing the latest attendance status due to a deprecated report field being used.



  • Redesigned Rich Text Editor Controls which have now been moved from an embedded toolbar in the CMS text component to a floating toolbar. This improved design should no longer interfere with the content on the page and also provide an improved user experience when setting headings or other custom formatting.

  • Face-to-Face Event Series is a new option for Face-to-Face events that allows an Event to be created as a series of sessions that must all be attended before the event is considered complete. Event Series contain a number of unique features including:

    • Adding a session to a series will automatically create all the parts required for the series.

    • Enrolling users into the series will enrol them into all sessions in the series.

    • Users can be removed from just a single session in the series and still be marked as completed if they attend the same part from a different session.

    • Custom completion rules for determining which sessions must be attended to be qualified as complete for the Event Series.

  • The Face-to-Face Enrolled Users screen now supports pagination for improved performance when a large number of users are enrolled.



  • New Learning Campaign Builder functionality that exposes the ability to add workflows to any activity, which includes the following functions:

    • Triggers can listen for any tracking event with conditions that can look at the tracking statement itself or user profile information to switch what action occurs.

    • Actions can occur in real-time or be scheduled

    • Notifications can include deep links to any activity, not just the one the workflow is attached to – in this way, learning campaigns can be built that drip-feed content over time.

  • User Profile Screen updates, including:

    • Activity Completion drill-down now shows the number of attempts for that completion.

    • The ability to override a completion status and specify a completion date and comment.

    • New action buttons for re-indexing as well as refreshing a user's state for the activity.

  • Filter Conditions exposed on the CMS User Selection component which adds the ability to control what users will appear in the list based on dynamic rules.

  • Face-To-Face Locations are now exposed as a new Activity Type that can be filtered and created from the activities screen. This allows you to create Venues and Rooms that can be attached to Face-to-Face events.


  • Fixes a bug where variations wouldn't refresh when going in and out of an activity and the variation conditions would change.

  • Fixed a permission issue where assets that were uploaded as private and assigned to a user couldn't be opened in the Learning Hub.



  • Variations Manager released which allows the creation of Content Variations for a CMS activity. Variations can be to dynamically adapt the page content for different audience groups. Example use cases include:

    • Show different text content or messaging for users in different geographical areas.

    • Show or hide content for users if they are enrolled into the activity or not.

    • Changing the wording of assessment questions for the learner vs the assessor.

    • Perform A/B testing by making micro-improvements to the page and testing the results (this process will be formalised in a future release).

  • Expression of Interest Dashboards now support configuration for showing EOIs from multiple activity sources.

  • Calendar/Outlook Integration support added for emailed face-to-face invites which will now automatically add the face-to-face Session to the user's calendar. When cancelled, the calendar event will also be automatically removed or marked as cancelled.



  • Role-Based Attribute Whitelisting can now be used to control what attributes users are able to see. This can be used to hide sensitive attributes (such as Date of Birth or Pay Scale) from users except those with elevated permissions. Other improvements to the Roles screen include:

    • Redesigned UI to split Assigned Users, Permissions and Attributes into sub-navigation tabs.

    • Unsaved changes highlighted against each role and the ability to switch between roles without losing unsaved changes.

    • A warning message now appears when leaving the Roles screen without first saving changes.

  • Enrolments Version History can now be accessed via the hamburger menu on the Enrolments screen. Similar to the User Profile history, these shows a side-by-side comparison of what changes were made and when

  • Enrolments Export will now include all nested activities in the extract – that is, when the enrolment includes a hierarchy activity, the export will include all children from that hierarchy.

  • Learning Hub Launch Popups (used for What's New messages) now support multiple activities and can be configured to always show or only show when a user accesses with an unsupported browser.


  • The Activity Analytics Assessment screen now shows survey responses although this could use some additional configuration.

  • Fixed an issue where the Enrolment Type setting wasn't correctly defaulting to Admin.