Release Notes



We've made a few minor enhancements to both the Admin UI and Content Authoring.

  • Publishing activities will now also transfer any workflow activities attached to them.

  • The Leaderboard component can be configured to hide the "Rank" column as well as include a "Load More" button for loading the next set of leaderboard results.

  • We've added a new Show Print Dialog logic action that can be used to force the browser to print the page when a certain trigger is met. We also improved the print styles for form inputs so they won't get cut-off when printing.


  • Improved hierarchy processing for events with thousands of sessions.

  • Fixed an incorrect validation error that was occurring when updating roles and permissions from the user profile screen.

  • Fixed the Send Test Email for system notifications which was preivously showing an error due to a missing link.



ClearXP Identity Provider It's not the most exciting of releases for users but it unlocks a lot of functionality behind the scenes. It's now possible to use ClearXP as the Identity Provider for your users. What does this mean exactly?

  • ClearXP logins are now universal. You will be able to use the same username and password to log into any ClearXP-powered site – this includes your own customer instance as well as our documentation and community sites.

  • When connecting third-party content providers to ClearXP, you can now automatically enable SSO rather than having to go through your IT department to setup a separate SSO integration with every provider.

  • This opens up the ability for third-party extensions to connect via OAuth or OIDC, providing a secure and more flexible way to build ClearXP integrations.

Notifications Enhancements

We've made a few small improvements to notifications management, mostly focusing on an admin's ability to test notification messaging.

  • Clicking the Send Notification button from an activity screen will now default the recipient to the logged in user, making it easier to select and test a notification against that activity.

  • The Message input can now be left blank to use the default notification message. You can still type a message in here to manually override the message, if you wish.

  • The Save and Notify button can now be configured to use the notification messaging from our new notification centre.



  • Fixed an issue where our new notifications system wouldn't resolve the correct recipient when sending a notification and assigning a task at the same time.

  • Fixed the stoplight report not filtering results correctly when quarter/yearly filters are set.

  • Fixed the Performance Assessment incorrectly assigning a score to comments when the comment entered is a number.

  • Changed the Mark Attendance Automatically default setting to reflect correctly in the admin interface.



Voucher Rewards now support variations which mean multiple voucher codes can be attached to a single reward and variation rules will determine which users should be assigned which voucher codes. This simplifies the management of rewards where different audiences need to use different vouchers.

Points now support a rule that allows a learner to earn multiple sets of points for the same action. Previously learners could only earn points for the first time they completed an action but this limitation can now be optionally disabled.


  • Aggregating reporting data by a timeframe (i.e. weekly, monthly, yearly) now respects the system timezone. Previously data could fall into the wrong day based to timezone shift.



Leaderboards Whilst ClearXP has supported leaderboards for a very long time, we've now created a new Leaderboard component that can be dropped into any content page.

  • The component can be configured to pull in results from any existing Leaderboard activity.

  • Optional filters can be added that will show toggle buttons above the leaderboard so that users can filter results by a user's state, department or any other user attribute.

  • Badges can be added to the leaderboard and will be shown alongside any user who has earned that badge.

Manager Dashboards now filter out unassigned learning so that summaries will align with the completion percentage seen under a learner's Assigned Learning view.


  • We fixed an issue where offline support would break certain functionality in the Learning Hub Native App preventing it from loading.

  • The Star Rating component now works correctly on all iOS devices.



Generative AI Chatbot We've dedicated time to improving the learner chatbot with multiple upgrades:

  • Improved performance sees the AI respond almost immediately, even with complicated questions.

  • AI responses are now typed out in real-time as each word is generated instead of having to wait for the entire response to appear.

  • We've improved the relevancy and tone of responses provided.

Changes to Module Roll-Up We've changed how module roll-up calculates completions for multi-level hierarchies.

  • Previously: Pathways with a middle-level hierarchy would not retain their completion status if a child was expired or a new attempt started. This would require learners going through the program to complete the child again.

  • New Behaviour: Now middle-level hierarchies will retain their completion status unless the Preserve Completion Roll-Up setting is disabled. If a learner has completed the first step of a pathway, they won't need to complete it again if a new activity is added to that step or an existing one expires.


  • Fixed an issue in Manager Dashboards where summarising a location's completion status wouldn't correctly count learners who might've belonged to multiple locations.



Bulk Upload Improvements We've improved the usability of bulk upload with better validation and warnings:

  • Uploading Useres will now show a warning to let you know which users don't exist and will be created. This helps admins who are trying to update users but may have an email entered incorrectly.

  • Attempting to upload attendance for a user will now show the error above if the user doesn't exist.

  • Uploading user or activity attributes will now show an error if the attribute isn't one of the predefined allowed values.

  • An error will be shown if attempting to upload a Time Slot for a session but the time slot's date is outside of the Session's scheduled time.

  • Bulk uploading files will now clean-up any imported values to remove extraneous spaces or invisible characters that may corrupt data (this often happens when copying/pasting data from Word).


  • For enrolments that contain a hierarchy activity with workflows attached to children of that hierarchy, there has been a long-standing bug where removing the child from the hierarchy wouldn't remove that child's assignment. We've now fixed this issue and changing hierarchies will correctly clean-up affected enrolments.

  • We also fixed an issue where collaborative editors (such as the notifications editor and report builder) weren't updating co-editors in real-time.

  • Fixed submission of forms with signatures because the signature upload was failing.



We've added a couple small enhancements for learners and managers:

  • Performance Management Goal Setting now supports filtering goals by different date periods across all views – this includes when assessing or reporting on goals.

  • Learning Hub Manager Dashboards now include the Expiry Date in both PDF and Excel transcript exports.


  • We’ve overhauled our file upload process to improve performance and remove limitations around file sizes. Previously very large files (i.e. over 1gb) could result in the upload timing out and failing. The new process now provides more accurate progress percentages and allows theoretically infinite file sizes.

  • We fixed an issue in the Learning Hub native app where document scanning would sometimes endlessly spin and never load.



We focused on improving Content Authoring across a variety of templates and applications. Read about these below.

New Quiz Attempts functionality can be turned on to allow learners to retry a quiz:

  • A new Retry button will appear if a learner submits the quiz but doesn’t meet the Pass Grade.

  • The quiz can be configured to either clear all responses or just clear failed responses when retrying the quiz.

  • A new Attempts Table component has been created which can be used to show the number of attempts a learner has taken at a quiz. Users can even click onto past attempts to see what their previous responses were at that point in time.

  • Retry functionality has been made to work in tandem with Approval workflows and can be used to allow an assessor to provide feedback on a learner’s submitted responses. The learner can then see this feedback when reviewing past attempts.

A couple of small improvements to our Performance Management KPI Assessments:

  • We’ve created a new option for displaying the scale descriptions underneath each rating option as opposed to having to rely on hover tooltips.

  • We’ve improved the output of the Spider/Polar Chart so that long question names will now be truncated with an ellipsis instead of getting cropped in an unreadable way.

  • We now support configuring custom scale descriptions based on a User Attribute – this means different users can asses the same KPI against different scale criteria.

  • The Missing KPIs Message option has been changed to a larger input that now supports Markdown for rendering rich text messages.

Our Training Plan functionality also includes a couple of enhancements:

  • It’s now possible to edit and resubmit training plans after their initial submission.

  • The delete button is now locked to prevent deleting a training plan entry if submitted but not being edited.

The Team Hierarchy component now supports an option for filtering the org chart by a given user attribute – this is useful for restricting the component to only showing a certain region or department.


  • We fixed an issue where the Learning Hub outstanding tasks count would show a different number in the profile menu to what was being shown on the Tasks screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the Star Rating component wasn’t appearing disabled after submission.

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