2020 / Q1 - Q2



  • New Attachments section for all activities that can be used to add files and documents to an activity for learners to access. Attachments have multiple Sharing options that allow documents to be restricted to specific users – this can be used to centrally manage user-specific training plans for a given course.

  • Added an Attachments CMS component that can be used to display a list of the files/documents attached to an activity to tie in with the above new functionality.

  • Linking to an image asset within the Learning Hub will now launch that image as an overlay instead of opening in a new tab.


  • Fixed an issue where links added to the CMS text component were disappearing.

  • Fixed IE11 support for the LXP admin interface.



  • The Active/Inactive status on activities has been expanded to be an explicit publish function. When unpublishing an activity, it will now remove that activity from all assigned enrolments and modules.

  • Active Status and Visibility are now shown on the activity search results screen.

  • Activity attributes can now be configured with a "generate unique" button that will pre-populate the attribute with a unique value matching predefined constraints.

  • The CMS Multiple Choice component now includes the ability to attach an image to each option to allow creation of quiz questions with image selection.

  • CMS Templates now contain the ability to expose custom config options at the template level.

  • Self-Registration support has been added to the Learning Hub and can now be configured on to allow users to self-register for Hub access.



  • CMS content containers have been made resizable and able to be styled to allow for more control over the area of a page that contains dynamic content. This also includes the ability to resize columns to any arbitrary width.

  • New Feedback CMS component that can be used to show dynamic content based on the result of a question or quiz. This can be used to show per-question feedback or overall success/failure messages for the entire quiz.

  • New Section CMS component that can be used to group similar components together. Sections can then be styled differently to allow for more sophisticated designs.

  • New Card CMS preset which displays a text and a heading as a nice standalone design.


  • Fixed an error that was occurring when switching between different launch methods for External URL content.

  • Enabled launching of External URLs when created via the admin interface (previously just CSV-uploaded URLs were working).

  • Fixed CMS question names not restoring correctly when nested inside columns.

  • Fixed a couple CMS glitches where

  • Removed errant text on the Face-to-Face session screen when certain address fields were left unpopulated for the assigned venue.



  • Version control has been added to CMS Pages – this means changes will be saved as different draft versions that won't be visible until published. Admins can also rollback to old drafts or published versions.

  • New Attachment Upload CMS component that can be added to surveys/forms to allow the user to upload supporting evidence or documentation to be attached to their completion data.


  • Changed Activities reports to filter out deleted activities by default.

  • Fixed an issue with CMS components not always restoring correctly.

  • Re-uploading a deleted eLearning package will now correctly restore that activity.



  • The Learning Hub Event Facilitation screen has been expanded to be a fully-encompassing view of all calendar events assigned to a user. This now includes meetings and time entries entered via the Learner Log activity type.

  • Created the ability to add/edit date-based user attributes on a user's profile.


  • Fixed an authentication conflict issue that was forcing an invalid SSO redirect.

  • Fixed various permission issues with activity scopes.



  • Added a new Poll CMS component that can be used to define a multiple choice question with results immediately displayed back to the user.

  • Exposed the ability to customise email notification templates for all activities, including certification/workflow notifications and custom notifications defined by the activity itself.


  • Fixed the incorrect URL being copied when using the "Copy Launch URL" button on a hierarchy activity.

  • Fixed a bug with the share report dialog wouldn't open if the authenticated user contained too much profile data.

  • Updated various CMS components to better respect custom styles defined in the CMS editor (i.e. resizing components will fill the available space and center-align any content, etc.).




Today's release sees a major upgrade to the in-built CMS including the following improvements and enhancements:

  • UI overhaul to include a static sidebar with different tabs for adding and editing components.

  • The ability to resize components by clicking and dragging the bounding box on the selected component.

  • New duplicate component button as well copy and paste support for copying components to different areas of the page.

  • A brand new panel for editing the component styles including dimensions, colours, border radiuses as well as adding effects such as text and box shadows.

  • A redesigned image and activity selector which will show a large preview of each image in the search results.

  • A new preview mode that will display the content as it will appear when live - click the eye icon in the top-right hand corner!

  • The device preview now correctly displays each component as they would on the selected device. Style changes made while in a device preview will only apply to that device allowing for building of responsive designs.

  • Improvements to re-ordering lists of properties (i.e. simply drag and drop tab names or accordion panels into the desired order in the properties panel).

  • Many fixes to smooth out the process of adding, removing and dragging components around the page.


  • Prerequisite functionality added to module hierarchies so children can be locked unless their defined prerequisites have been completed.

  • New Events, Sessions and Session Enrolments permissions to allow fine-grained restriction of access within the event facilitation screens.




  • The Activity creation process and user interface has been streamlined to make it faster and easier to create or import new activities into the system. This includes uploading eLearning packages, asset files, and importing from a CSV as well as creating activities directly for CMS and Face-to-Face.

  • We've re-added functionality to upload a new SCORM/xAPI package over the top of an existing activity even if the metadata doesn't match.

  • Facility address has now been exposed in activity reports.

Learning Hub

  • Activity pathways/hierarchies will now pull up and display the next relevant Due Date from any child activities on the top-level tile. Next Due only applies if the child hasn't already been completed.

  • The duration taken to complete an activity is now displayed in the learner's transcript, if populated.


  • Fixed a bug where adding child activities to a module hierarchy wasn't working if the tags field was missing.

  • Fixed an issue where the "copy launch link" button was formatting the URL incorrectly.



  • The Activity screen has been overhauled with a new panel added for content configuration. This simplified interface makes it easy to see what content has been attached and allows you to toggle between eLearning packages, CMS pages and external URLs.

  • Activities can now be set to Inactive which will remove them from the learner and manager views in the Learning Hub. The Hidden flag has now also been moved to an explicit activity setting.

  • It's now possible to clone activities via the popup menu selection on the activity screen.

  • XP Points tracking can now be configured to cumulatively award points to a user based on actions performed in the platform – i.e. award points based on completions, access, sharing, etc.

  • A new Correlation Report type has been added to the Reports Templates which allows you to select two different metrics and generate a correlation chart to compare them together.


  • Fixed an issue with statements processing not correctly grouping system-wide checklist items under the correct activity when those items were shared amongst multiple activities.



  • Reports listing screen given a UX refresh with new functionality such as pagination, search and the ability to group reports under labels.

  • We've added the ability to create reports from a pre-defined list of Report Templates. Creating a report from a template will now load into a simplified user interface with the ability to filter, save or share the report.

  • The Completion Dashboard now contains the ability to search results by user or unique attribute.


  • Fixed an issue with EOI export not working when filters had been applied.

  • Fixed an issue with EOI search not working across all reports.



  • Enrolments can now have custom triggers added to each activity so that one-off changes such as notifications can be added without needing to create a new single-use certification.

  • Added a new Video CMS component that can be used for easily adding Vimeo, YouTube or other video sources by URL instead of needing to copy an embed code. All videos added now contain full xAPI tracking as standard, regardless of source.

  • Single Sign On access to the Learning Hub is now possible direct from the LXP admin portal.

  • A new extension has been exposed so that Activities with a manager view can now be launched direct from the admin portal (i.e. from the dashboard completion report screen).


  • Fixed an issue with Assign and Decline buttons in EOI expansion panel conflicting with row selection.




  • Expression of Interest table can now be expanded to show the form responses attached to that expression of interest. The expanded panel will also show all historical actions associated with that particular expression of interest (whether previously approved or declined, etc.)

  • When viewing completions for a module pathway, the Completion table is now able to be expanded to show how far a user has progressed in completing that pathway.

  • The Completion table now has pagination to help with navigating through large numbers of users.

  • Various performance improvements have been made across all dashboard reports.


  • New CMS components include both a Date Picker and Time Picker that can now be added to survey forms.

  • Added additional context data to all Face-to-Face tracking as well as a new tracking event for when a user is removed from a session, waitlist or EOI list that will clear their existing attendance status.


  • Fixed an issue with dashboard reports not loading when an unlimited scope is applied.

  • Removed an unnecessary focus outline from the main content area of the Learning Hub.



  • Roles and Permissions have been expanded to define a User Scope which when applied to a user or group, will restrict the users appearing in reports to just the users that match the scope rules. This also allows setting the scope to a dynamic value such as "User's Country" which will set the scope to any users who belong to the same country as the authenticated admin.

  • The Events expression of interest panel has been updated to mirror functionality available at the Session level. This includes sending notifications of availability, approving/declining the request or adding to a session directly.


  • Fixed a bug where the remove button wasn't working next to a permission on the Roles screen.



  • The Activity Hierarchy Builder has been moved from its own screen to be embedded on the Activity screen itself. With this comes the change for each level of the hierarchy to be collapsible for easier navigation and re-arranging of items as well as the ability to navigate to a child in the hierarchy.

  • The Expression of Interest report on the Dashboard has now been optimised for performance when large numbers of EOIs have been received.


  • Fixed a bug where child tags weren't appearing on the hierarchy builder unless searched for and added.

  • Fixed an issue where adding a child activity to the hierarchy builder wouldn't show the children of that activity if it included its own sub-hierarchy.



  • Enrolments are now able to specify dynamic parameters for Start and Due Date when applying a certification workflow. This includes assigning relative dates such based on user attributes (i.e. Due Date equal to 30 days after the user's Join Date) or based on the date the enrolment is applied to the user (Date Enrolled).

  • Launched an AI-driven Recommendation Engine that will collect all user profiles, activity metadata as well as analytics data such as user ratings and module access to generate training recommendations for users based on content that is relevant to them. Note: The recommendation engine is opt-in so please contact support if you would like this enabled for your platform.


  • Fixed a bug where cloned sessions could not be saved.

  • Fixed an issue with activity attributes appearing were appearing duplicated resulting in validation errors when these attributes were mandatory.

  • Added extra checks to ensure the Stored Date will always be stored in a date format for completion records (there was a sporadic error where it was sometimes being stored in the wrong format).




  • Introduction of a dedicated Data Warehouse for big data reporting – it's now possible to aggregate and report on over 100 million records in seconds. This will enable many more learner insights and long-term trends analysis.

  • The Activity Summary page has been expanded to include prefab analytics reports including access over time and device metric summaries with drill-down and customisable filters for fine-grained analysis.

  • A new Users data source has been exposed in the Reporting interface the can be used to examine and export reports on different audiences groups in the system.

  • The Activities data source has a new Parent filter option for restricting the results to activities under a specific parent activity.

  • Data ingestion has been updated to track quiz attempts and inject a new data point so that analytics data can be grouped and sorted by attempt number.


  • Fixed an issue where the loading spinner would get stuck when cloning a session.



  • When viewing a completion report on the ClearXP Dashboard for an activity that contains children, the exported report will now include the completion status for each child as separate columns.

  • Analytics data will now include the device vendor and model being used to, if available.

  • Accessibility improvements made across the Learning Hub – including improvements to keyboard navigation and colour contrast ratios.


  • Changed the User CSV upload validation to allow the Excel Mime Type – previously these files were being rejected even if saved as CSV.

  • Removed the Belongs to Group option from the criteria builder for User Groups since groups referencing other groups is an unsupported feature.



  • The Reporting interface has a new option for Sorting which can be applied at any aggregation stage.

  • Learning Hub Manager Dashboards now have the ability to unassign any learning previously assigned by the manager.

  • Changed behaviour of launching content in the Learning Hub so that modules launched via a search will always display the full list of children, even if some were marked as hidden via enrolment rules.


  • Fixed a sporadic bug where expanding a session in the admin interface would fail due to a timing issue when loading the session details.

  • Removed incorrect formatting being applied to reports with the First Populated formula metric.

  • Fixed an issue where the referenced enrolments tooltip wasn't appearing when clicked from the Certification Workflow screen.




  • Style adjustments made across the LXP app to make more visually uniform.

  • Face-to-Face Sessions are now able to extend the default workflow with custom triggers – this facilitates adding additional notifications or custom assignments (i.e. for post-training surveys) when the trigger conditions are met.

Learning Hub

  • Added the ability to assign/share from quick search on My Learning screen.

  • Both assigning and sharing learning now have the ability to "Select All" to quickly assign to everyone in the team. UX has also been improved on this popup selection to allow selecting multiple users without having to re-open the selection dialog each time.


  • LXP authentication changed to persist across browser tabs instead of being restricted to a single session.

  • When filtering and searching for an activity in a report by an attribute, the results have been changed to show the activity name instead of the matched attribute.



  • Added the ability to sort the Expression of Interest report on dashboards by different columns.

  • Email notifications now support the ability to be configured to go to a user's personal email preference address (as opposed to company-defined email).

  • Notifications now inherit configuration from their parent defined by the Reporting Activity field, this works similar to how Sessions inherit their configuration from the parent Events.

  • Added the ability to display the feedback rating value associated with the activity attached to the CMS Activity Tile component


  • Fixed an issue where the CMS Quiz component could be submitted multiple times by double-clicking very quickly.

  • Changed hierarchy resolution for tracking where an activity was launched from - previously this incorrectly built a hierarchy when launched from different places.

  • Fixed an issue where changes to Automated emails in the legacy interface weren't being saved correctly.




  • The Image CMS component now has the ability for defining multiple hotspots that can be used to link off to other activities in the system.

  • New Alt Text option added to the Image component for defining the text that will be read by screen-readers.


  • All activity links now track their launch context so that reports can be generated to determine what screen or parent activity any given activity was launched from.

  • Multiple platform-wide security enhancements, most notably the deprecation of support for non-SSL endpoints to prevent insecure traffic.


  • Fixed an issue where creating a new User Group wouldn't allow rules to be defined, and the newly created group wasn't showing up when searching by name.

  • Fixed a bug where adding filters and clicking the Apply button wasn't always adding the new filters on the User Group and Enrolments screens.




  • Add an Edit button to the Quiz CMS Component


  • New Two-Step-Approval enrolment type for Face-to-Face Events. Allows setting up events where users require a manager approval followed by and administrator approval before being enrolled into sessions

  • New Remove and Decline actions on waitlists that allow administrators to clear users from waitlists on Face-to-Face Sessions

  • Administrators can now see additional user attributes through the enrolled users list on Face-to-Face Sessions

  • LXP Activities index is now restricted to the user's defined scope.

Learning Hub

  • When a user accesses an Admin Only enrolment type Face-to-Face Event from The Hub, and they are enrolled in a session within, they now see this session entry listed.

  • Accessibility enhancements when navigating The Hub with keyboard shortcuts including improved keyboard navigation and skipping repetitive content.


  • Increase limit for search triggered through Activity filter selector on Analytics Reports to avoid capping filters to 100 activities.




  • Exposed new Search CMS component for searching activities restricted by tag and with many configuration operations for searching by text, dropdown filters or toggles.

  • Added new Sort/Sequencing quiz component for creating a quiz question that requires ordering a set of options into a defined sequence.

  • New Button component that can be used to link to an activity in the system.

  • Exposed a Tabs CMS component for organising content into separate tabs.


  • New option for disabling Expressions of Interest for Face-to-Face Events, which will remove the EOI button when no sessions are scheduled.

  • New option for disabling the Waitlist for Face-to-Face Sessions


  • Fixed an issue with filters not working on Completion Breakdown dashboard chart

  • Changed behaviour of Expression of Interest dashboard report to clear selection after decline/assign action taken.

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