2022 / Q1 - Q2



  • Brand new drill-down Admin Dashboards that include:

    • A landing page to show activities that have trending completions, as well as a summary of recently viewed module dashboards.

    • The ability to search for any activity in the system (restricted by the user's permission scope) and drill into dashboards for that activity.

    • A Compliance tab for a breakdown of users enrolled into the activity and their completion rates.

    • A Completions tab for showing all historical completions for the activity, including completions over time and the average time taken to complete.

    • A Tasks tab for activities that may include approval or expressions of interest tasks. This also includes a breakdown of which users are assigned tasks and whether they have completed it or not.

    • A Content Pages tab that includes all content or child activities that make up the activity, including which are accessed the most. These child activities can also be drilled into.

    • An Analytics tab for viewing insights into the activity such as how the activity is rated, device utilisation, sentiment analysis, etc.

  • Manager Hierarchies now support precedence rules to allow a fallback to a different rule when if a matching manager cannot be found for a given user.

  • KPI Assessments now support a "Comment per KPI" option for displaying a feedback comment box for the entire KPI instead of each KPI measure.


  • Fixed the Launch Tracking option not being restored correctly for activities of the asset type.

  • Fixed a UI glitch where opening the enrolment workflows screen would cause a calendar picker to show on-screen if that workflow contained a condition with a fixed date.

  • Changed the user listing screen to filter out guest accounts by default.

  • Fixed a back-end bug where an enrolment which contained an activity with an overridden category could cause any subsequent activities in that enrolment to use the overridden category instead of the default.

  • Changed Coursera integration to always import completion data against the user's current registration.

  • Fixed the Pathway component not loading correctly when the "read-only" option was disabled.



  • New Sentiment Analysis dashboard for feedback comments, that includes:

    • A breakdown of the tone (positive / neutral negative) and effort (high / medium /low) used across all feedback comments.

    • Tables for the most positive and negative feedback received across the platform, sorted by high-effort comments. This allows easy identification of comments that will provide the most meaningful information to businesses.

    • The ability to drill into any dashboard/table and export the full set of data for further analysis.

  • Functional Admin enhancements including:

    • Activities that contain tasks (approvals, EOIs, etc.) will now display the list of tasks under the activity screen with the ability to un-assign or reassign the task to another user.

    • The ability to clone and delete user groups.

    • The ability to clone and delete workflows.

    • The ability to clone and delete roles.

  • Performance Management enhancements, including:

    • The ability for managers to leave public or hidden comments for the team member in the KPI Assessment.

    • New option to disable comments altogether in KPI Assessments.

    • Added the ability to rate the success of Development Goals that may have been set in a previous assessment.


  • Changed the Performance Management stoplight report so it no longer incorrectly includes N/A values in monthly averages.

  • Fixed a timing issue where task state could be lost if the task was accessed or updated in quick succession.



  • Activity Attachments

    • sharing modal now includes the ability to edit certain attributes (the specific attributes are configurable).

    • sharing modal now includes links to directly access the full activity details of an attachment as well as the asset itself.

  • Asset Activities can now have a source activity specified through the Activity Details page.

  • Guest accounts functionality now allows users to interact with certain content prior to activating an account.


  • Fix certain image attachments not rendering properly within the social components when an activity is accessed through a realm.



  • Face-to-Face Enhancements including:

    • Addition of an Expressions of Interest report beneath the Sessions Listing which will show all users who have expressed interest in the Event as well as joined the Waitlist for a Session.

    • Session Series now include a hamburger menu button that will provide options for copying the launch URL (or QR Code) for a single part of a Session, as well as an edit button to edit the part itself.

    • Changes behaviour of Waitlist button so it no longer appears if the Waitlist is disabled when a session is full (previously it would appear as disabled).

  • Enrolments now include options for cloning and deleting the enrolment. Access these through the hamburger menu on the Enrolments screen.

  • The Report Chart component now includes options for adding dynamic columns that can contain any arbitrary CMS content. This can be used to generate a report on a learner's prior results and have them re-assess their abilities based on those results.

  • The Social Feed component now includes an option for unpinning previously pinned posts as well as some other UX improvements.

  • The Learning Hub can now be configured to show an overall Points counter in the header so users can see how many points they have accrued (overall or within a given month, etc.).


  • When saving a Video Conference link against a Session, any extraneous spaces will now be removed.

  • Improved the overall load performance of the admin Events screen as well as the load performance of the Hub Session Series screen when large numbers of sessions are visible.

  • Fixed the Hub Manager Dashboard drill-down for an activity with large numbers of children which was failing to load correctly.

  • Fixed the KPI Spotlight report grouping results under the incorrect month due to browsers discrepancies with local dates.



  • Improvements to Bulk Upload functionality including:

    • The ability to bulk enrol users into an activity by ID, name or unique attribute. This can be used be to enrol users into any activity of a face-to-face session en masse.

    • The upload validation step will now show a if attempting to assign a venue to a face-to-face session and there are duplicates in the system.

    • The ability to export all errors and warnings from the validation step to a CSV file.

    • UX improvements to show a spinner when the import is taking place and success message upon completion.

  • Activity Attributes can now be configured to allow the selection of multiple values or show a user search selector so the attribute can reference a user in the system. The user search now also includes the user's avatar and highlights whether they are inactive or not.

  • The Date Component now contains validation controls for preventing the submission of future or past dates.


  • Inactive locations are now filtered out of the dropdown selector when adding a venue or room to a face-to-face session.



  • New Outstanding Tasks Email Digest that can be configured to be sent at any frequency (i.e. weekly) with a list of incomplete tasks assigned to each user. Th email digest will list the 6 most recent tasks from the past week as well as up to 6 tasks from prior weeks.

  • The Slider Component now contains an option for tracking a score against each of the different options when configured with the Scale variant.


  • Fixed an issue where push notifications were being sent to the learner even though the Hub notification was targeting the learner's manager.



  • New Prerequisite enforcement functionality that allows:

    • The ability to select one or more activities as prerequisites that must be completed before a piece of content can be accessed.

    • Prerequisites can be set for any type of content (xAPI, SCORM, CMS pages, assets, etc.) and will be enforced no matter how they're accessed (search, direct link, etc.).

    • The ability to customise the messaging and look + feel of the prerequisite error message screen via the authoring tool.

  • The Attachments Component now supports new button and resource variants as well as the ability to display prerequisites attached to the selected activities.


  • Learning Hub Tasks now correctly filter out tasks from terminated or inactive users.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking a tag from the activities listing screen wouldn't correctly apply that tag as a filter in the search results.

  • Changed average KPI results calculations to exclude KPIs with Not Applicable responses since these were incorrectly bringing the average down.

  • Fixed a tracking error that was breaking quiz submission for EOI activities on portal pages.



  • New Survey Workflow functionality whereby:

    • A workflow action can now be triggered on activity completion.

    • A new Feedback Survey task type exists that allows selection of an existing activity that will be assigned to the user as a survey they must complete.

    • When surveys are assigned, tracking data will link the results of the survey to the activity the user completed before the survey was assigned.

  • User Bulk Upload now includes a username field for uploading a custom username for users – this means the user's email address no longer has to match their username.

  • The CMS Slider Component now supports setting a custom score when configured as the scale variant.

  • CMS Question Components will no longer appear as required and block submission of a quiz or form when that question is hidden either by use of Logic or a Variant.


  • Fixed missing tracking data for when a user self-cancels out of a Session Series – we would track cancelling out of the Series but not the individual parts.

  • Fixed display of the venue map and session details within the Hub Session screen when launching a single part of a Session Series.

  • Changed Outlook/calendar integration to track the sequence against invites. This means that if a user is added to a session, cancelled, then added again – the attendee's calendar will always correctly reflect their latest attendance status.

  • When uploading a new video over the top of an existing video, the system will now re-generate all compressed versions of that video.

  • Fixed an extremely rare race condition where if multiple users had self-registered into a Session Series and then one of the users was removed from a single part of the series, the series would sometimes incorrectly send a cancellation email to one or more of the other attendees.



  • More Performance Assessment Enhancements, including:

    • KPI Goals functionality allows users to set their own Goals against a KPI which can be used to during performance appraisals to set individual goals with target dates that can be subsequently reviewed and marked as completed.

    • The ability to filter on different KPI sets – this means that the same job roles can have different categories of KPIs assigned to them which be presented as separate assessments. This is useful for separating skill-based from behavioural KPIs.

    • Scale options can now support a description that will be displayed underneath each scale option heading.

  • The Formula Builder now has added support for using the Rating Scale score in calculations.


  • Fixed an issue where the Performance Assessment template could be submitted before the list of KPIs had finished loading.

  • Searching historical completion reports (from dashboard or the activities screen) now works correctly with text-based search.



  • The Performance Assessment Template now supports a Group by Attribute option that can be used to list KPI measures under a secondary heading.

  • The Labels List in the admin interface (shown under the activities, user groups and enrolments screens) will now be auto-expanded to the selected label when deep-linking to a label.

  • Expression of Interest Dashboards will now generate the dashboard table from Tasks data which will result in significantly faster load times for the dashboard.

  • The Video Component now supports a playback speed option for embedded YouTube videos.


  • Fixed an issue where tracking rating scale questions couldn't be submitted if one of the scale options didn't contain a score. This now allows for an N/A option for rating questions.

  • Fixed a bug where the default rating scale for the Performance Assessment template was disappearing.

  • Improved the load performance of the Enrolments screen when the enrolment contained an activity with a very large, nested hierarchy.

  • Fixed the Send Test Email button not working in the notification template editor when the notification had the manager configured as a recipient.



  • New Chart Component has been added to the CMS that allows embedding of previously saved reports or charts into content pages. These charts can be created in the admin interface and then filtered by the learner viewing them in the Hub so they can see their individual results.

  • Reporting API includes a number of improvements including:

    • The ability to round numbers to an arbitrary number of decimal places.

    • The ability to group results under sub-headings when output to a report (similar to Excel's functionality for pivoting on multiple rows).

    • The ability to colour-code results based on a numeric scale.

  • Tasks functionality has been overhauled in the back-end to improve load times and to allow for future enhancements. Expect to see more functionality coming to tasks soon.


  • The Organisation Hierarchy component now filters out inactive or deactivated users.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting Top-Level Activity as the notification deep link for a workflow action wouldn't correctly save the value.

  • Increased the limit on the Analytics Assessment tab to allow for quizzes with more than 20 questions.



  • The Activity History Feed has been given a few improvements, including:

    • The ability to search and filter past decisions by phase/category.

    • Hierarchy activities will now show feed entries from all child activities within the single history feed with the ability to filter by specific child activities.

    • An export button can be used to export the entire feed to Excel/CSV format including any filters that have been applied.

    • Deleting a feed entry will temporarily show the deleted item with the ability to undo the deletion.



  • The Video Player component now supports audio formats so it can be used as a podcast/audio-only player. When loaded with an audio file, the video player will:

    • Permanently show the player controls (for videos, the player controls normally slide away when not focused).

    • Show a static image if loaded, otherwise just the player controls will be shown.

    • Tracking data such as use of player controls and drop-off rates will now be recorded against the audio file.

  • Deleted CMS Components are now automatically marked as archived in tracking data when the activity is published.

  • CMS Components will now have the order/sequence of their appearance attached against the activity data when the page is published. This can be used in reporting data to sort question responses by question order, or screen drop-off reports by screen order.


  • Quiz-based CMS components such as multiple choices and rating scales now correctly maintain the option/choice names when multiple languages are used. Previously the reporting data would only maintain the language for the most recently received tracking data.



  • The Notifications Screen now includes a number of improvements, including:

    • The ability to filter by a date range (the past 2 weeks is now the default).

    • When filtering by an Event, the results will include all also include all Sessions from that event for convenience.

  • Reporting Permissions changed so that users with read-only access are still able to email the report to themselves, including the ability to schedule the report to be sent. These permission changes mean that users will only see their own scheduled reports unless they have admin permissions.

  • The Organisation Chart CMS component now includes an option to only show the org chart from a given team downwards.

  • Exposed Session Conferencing Link as a new placeholder that can be used in email templates to include the link to any attached video conferencing.


  • Fixed a bug where searching for an activity with an unclosed parenthesis would break the search and prevent results from being returned.

  • Makes some performance optimisations to the load and search performance of EOI dashboards.



  • Preserve Roll-Up Completions setting exposed on activities which allows the ability to force a completed activity to become incomplete if new content is added to the activity hierarchy.

  • New Salesforce integration allows the pulling of use profile and learning content assignments from Salesforce and importing them into ClearXP.

  • The Report component now supports an option for pulling responses from an assessor instead of just the learner.

  • Adds new Assessment Completed trigger to Activity Workflows.


  • Deactivation of Face-to-Face Sessions will now correctly remove facilitators from that session.

  • Fixed a bug where deactivating Sessions wasn't showing the mark attendance form for enrolled users.

  • Added a loading spinner and fixed some data conflict issues when using the Report component to pull in past responses.

  • Fixed a couple of style glitches for the Activities Banner component when loaded on iOS devices.

  • Changed the behaviour of SubStatement data processing to correct resolve the activity hierarchy.



  • Activity History tab which tracks the history of a learning program or module, including:

    • The ability to manually record decisions that were made against any lifecycle phase.

    • Functionality to attach files and images to a decision as evidence.

    • The ability for other users to comment on decisions to show their support or provide counter-opinions.

  • Variations and the User Selection component now support defining filter rules against a user group (or to exclude a certain user group).

  • PowerBI Connectivity can now be enabled on your platform instance so that data will be extracted to a location accessible by external PowerBI connectors. Contact our support team if you would like this enabled.

  • Improved the performance of Activity Deactivation so that the confirmation dialog will be much faster to load (especially when there are large numbers of self-registered enrolments for that activity).



  • Improved Video Support, including:

    • Native video ingestion for automatically compressing and converting uploaded videos to device-wide formats. This is supported for both admin and user-uploaded videos.

    • Closed Caption support for any video – a VTT file can now be uploaded and used as the captions file for any video (native or embedded from YouTube or Vimeo).

    • Videos can now be uploaded from the CMS editor or previously-uploaded videos can be searched for and linked to.

    • The ability to launch videos inline within the Learning Hub (previously these would open in the new window or would need to be embedded on a CMS page).

  • Manager Assignment Enhancements, including:

    • Managers are now able to assign learning that has previously been admin-assigned.

    • Roles that include drill-up dashboards, are now able to assign training to their entire direct team, as well as the wider team.

    • Number of results when searching for users to assign to has now been increased.

  • New Organisation Chart CMS component that displays an interactive chart of the org hierarchy (if configured).



  • Search Analytics Data exposed for programs that include search functionality, including:

    • Data showing the number of searches performed over time and on what screen those searches have been performed from.

    • The top-ranked search terms for the filtered date period and the number of times they've been searched.

    • When filtering by longer date ranges, data will be aggregated by week instead of day for a better high-level view of that data.

  • Mentor and Connections Functionality added that allows a user to be added as a mentor to another user in the system. This includes:

    • The ability to bulk upload a list of mentors for users.

    • The ability to use the mentor as the target of a workflow action (such as in notifications and task approvals).

    • The ability to set the mentor as the approver of a checklist.

  • Learning Hub Transcripts are now paginated so that long lists of completed training won't slow down the loading of the transcript page.


  • Fixed an issue where the Logic component wouldn't work correctly if the condition was matching against a zero-value.

  • Changed task approval screen to load the most recently uploaded and submitted documents instead of the first uploaded (if the form had been uploaded and submitted multiple times).

  • Fixed a bug where the Learning Hub login page was always redirecting to SSO even when the native login page was accessed directly.

  • Fixed a bug where the previously assigned user was sometimes still appearing on manager dashboard for task activities, even if the task had been re-assigned to someone else.

  • Changed activity cloning behaviour for sessions to not clone the facilitators assigned to that session since it would inadvertently cause notifications to be sent to them.



  • Scheduled Reports now support sending the report as a direct attachment instead of a download link. Additionally, scheduled reports will no longer be sent unless the attached report contains some results.

  • The Event Analytics screen now shows the session a user is assigned to when drilling into their name in the completions report.


  • Fixed an issue where certain types of zip files that were missing metadata couldn't be uploaded.

  • The filter popup dialog will now wrap any really long options onto multiple lines instead of truncating them. This is especially useful for long activity names.

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