2022 / Q3 - Q4



  • Learning Hub Dashboard Upgrades

    • Multiple Dashboard Support means users can now be assigned more than one manager dashboard (i.e. Team as well as State-wide views of their organisation).

    • All Past Completions will now be shown when searching for learning activities from the dashboard and users have previously completed the activity but are no longer assigned. This helps for compliance reporting where a user may have been required to complete a module previously but are not currently assigned so aren't showing up in the default dashboard view.

    • External dashboard links can now be assigned to users so that clicking the nav item will take them to an external page. This can be used to link to PowerBI or other higher-level reporting.

  • CMS Improvements

    • New Header component that will stick to the top of the page and move with the scrollbar. Header also includes a progress bar for showing the current progress.

    • The Progress component now supports Logic for updating the current progress of the course.

    • Section components now include an optional transition for animating onto the screen when shown.


  • Added permission checks to user bulk upload so that admins can't accidentally update profile values, groups or enrolments if they don't have write access.

  • Improved thumbnail generation for activity banners to prevent cropping at smaller resolutions.



  • Improved Payments Support

    • Promotions can now be created that will apply a percentage or fixed amount discount to any courses or workshops being purchased. Promotions can be configured with a start/end date to control when they're active.

    • Users who make a purchase will now receive a custom receipt generated from ClearXP including all line items in their purchase instead of the default transaction receipt from our payment provider.

    • Refunds are now supported so that users who incorrectly make a purchase can now be refunded either the full amount or a partial amount with a refund receipt sent automatically.

  • The Learning Hub now filters registered face-to-face sessions from Assigned Learning by default since these can now be found on the calendar instead.

  • Activity Workflows now support a retroactive mode where past triggers can run against the current date. This means that a new workflow configured to send a notification when someone registers for a workshop, will send the notification immediately even if the user registered months ago.


  • Videos can now be launched directly instead of having to be embedded in a CMS page.

  • Fixed a completion roll-up issue for face-to-face sessions where the completion date was being set to the last date the user accessed the session if they had re-opened the session details after the session end date but before the facilitator had marked attendance. This now correctly uses the attendance date.

  • Changed bulk import for session facilities/venues to replace the current value instead of adding to it. This was causing a bug where you couldn't update a venue with bulk upload.

  • Changed the tasks list to sort by completion status first so that really old, incomplete tasks will show up in a user's assigned tasks list.



  • Interactive Video Transcripts

    • For videos with transcripts attached, an optional transcript sidebar can be enabled. The sidebar will scroll along with the video and highlight the text that is currently being spoken.

    • Learners can also click at any point in the transcript to skip the video to that point in time.

    • The sidebar can also be collapsed for learners that would like to hide the transcript.

  • Public Portals

    • We have expanded our support for anonymous access to activities to allow the creation of fully public sites. These portal pages can be published and accessed publicly like any other website.

    • Users accessing public portals will be tracked as anonymous guest accounts until they move through a conversion funnel and become active users.

    • Public pages are SEO-enabled and will be indexed correctly by Google.

  • Admin Enhancements

    • Notification Recipients for workflows can now be sent to specific users instead of just the learner or manager.

    • Scheduled Reports now allow sending the report as a direct CSV attachment instead of a zipped file. This is useful for smaller, daily reports.


  • Bulk uploading activities now correctly auto-maps columns labelled as "ID" to the Activity ID.

  • Fixed an issue where the manager dashboard wasn't always showing certain activities as overdue when the user was enrolled into the same activity twice.

  • Improved error handling when uploading eLearn packages with invalid metadata.



  • Facilitator Availability Calendar

    • New dashboard for displaying face-to-face facilitator availability across the system.

    • The calendar will show all facilitators and the sessions they have been assigned as well as any unavailability they may have marked within the Learning Hub.

    • The ability to view the calendar at a month or day granularity.

  • Face-to-Face Multi-Session Attendance

    • Face-to-Face Sessions are now able to be configured to require learners to attend a minimum number of sessions before they receive a completion for the Event.

    • Self-registering to a multi-session event will allow learners to select and register for multiple sessions at once. For single-session events, learners can only register for a single session.

    • The Learning Hub Events screen now also lists sessions a learner is registered into if the learner was registered via an admin and for past sessions (previously only visible sessions would be shown).

  • The Activity History panel now supports registering decisions that belong to multiple phases.

  • The Learning Hub mobile view now supports nested links in the slide-out profile menu – these links will appear as an expandable dropdown list.


  • Fixed a bug where the Add to Session button wasn't correctly enrolling users from the Expressions of Interest table.

  • Fixed a couple of issues with the Learning Hub Calendar screen not showing recorded Unavailability if the facilitator wasn't enrolled into any sessions or if the unavailability was for just a single day.

  • Fixed support for User Group conditions when used with variations.

  • Improves the performance of notifications processing so that bulk sending large volumes of notifications in a short period of time will no longer affect overall system performance.



  • Activity Bulk Upload now supports updating of the activity's Status including clean-up of enrolments and triggering of cancellation emails when bulk deactivating.

  • Data Explorer now incudes a new Date Enrolled metric for Enrolment Status reports.

  • New Nudge Subscription CMS Component that can be used in conjunction with workflows to subscribe to multiple nudge "topics", including the selection of when nudges should be received.

  • The WebEx Integration now supports overriding the number of minutes a user can join before the host – this can be set to to 0, 5, 10 or 15 minutes (in-line with the options that WebEx support).


  • Fixed the face-to-face two-step approval setting incorrectly enrolling the user after the first approval.

  • The Manager Selection CMS component now works correctly with custom manager hierarchies.

  • Fixed issues with the Tasks List component not restoring state correctly and also disables the task checkbox when the containing quiz has been disabled.

  • Fixed some style issues on the Social Feed component when displayed on native devices.

  • Added support for bulk importing activity attributes with multiple values so that comma-separated values will now be displayed correctly in the UI.

  • Fixed expiring of already expired modules – previously a workflow that triggered an expiry when the previous action was "expired" meant the activity wouldn't be re-expired. This now works as expected.



  • Program Owner Dashboards improvements:

    • All graphs and tables now respect the date range selected and will filter data matching that range.

    • The Completions tab now includes a breakdown of child completions for pathways and module hierarchies, including easy navigation to a child.

    • Median duration to complete has now been exposed along with Average duration.

    • Support Ticket data has now been exposed under the Analytics tab. Note that this data must first be connected to an external data source.

  • SCIM Support:

    • ClearXP now natively supports SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) and can be enabled on your platform by contacting our support team.

    • User details will be automatically synchronised in real-time between ClearXP and your company's identity provider, removing the need for custom data feeds.

    • A schema can also be defined to customise what user attributes are synchronised and how they are mapped to users in ClearXP.

  • Performance Goal-Setting now supports the ability to prevent goals from automatically flowing through to subsequent performance cycles.

  • An Assigned Learning CMS Component has now been added that can be used to pull in all learning matching an enrolment category to be added to custom CMS pages.


  • Fixed an issue where video conferencing and Instructor details were being incorrectly cleared when saving a Session.

  • The Coursera integration now supports approval of EOIs for users who have previously been invited to Coursera. Previously the approval would fail because an invite had already been sent.

  • Fixed the standard activity settings (visibility, etc.) not displaying in the admin UI for video activities.



  • The Enrolments Listing screen now includes autocomplete filters allowing admins to find any enrolments that reference the user or activity being filtered on.

  • The Events Expression of Interest table now includes a column indicating whether any of the listed users (who had submitted EOIs or joined the waitlist) are currently enrolled into a session for that event.

  • The Activities Carousel CMS Component now includes an option for hiding activities from the carousel – this is useful when used with a pathway and certain activities need to be shown separately.

  • The Activities Carousel also now supports a Logic event for triggering interactivity when all items within the carousel have been completed.

  • Face-to-Face self-registration implementation has been overhauled to better handle concurrency. The "places limit" on the session is now strictly adhered to and cannot be exceeded if multiple users apply for the same session at the same time.


  • Fixed the Edit Report button not working for the Expression of Interest Dashboard.

  • Fixed a bug where replacing the thumbnail or banner image for an activity wasn't saving correctly.

  • We fixed multiple issues when cloning a Session Series:

    • The parts of the session wouldn't be correctly linked with the new clone.

    • The newly cloned parts wouldn't be saved unless they had been edited right after cloning.

    • WebEx meetings weren't being cleared from the cloned parts.

  • The attendance count now shows correctly when deleting or deactivating a Session Series.

  • Fixed an issue where bulk updating a Session Series and the upload file didn't specify the series that each part belonged to would cause the parts to be broken out of the series and linked directly to the Event. The bulk upload now works more robustly with Session Series activities.



  • Performance Mangement improvements

    • Exposed scale descriptions in the activity screen UI for KPI measures.

    • The Performance Cycle component will now automatically complete associated tasks if launched by a manager.

    • The Performance Cycle table now supports any arbitrary date format for the date headings.

  • Learner Log improvements

    • The learner log can now be configured to display the total points earned within the system (not just through the logged entries).

    • The calendar itself now also shows the dates that points were earned via completing other activities in the system.

    • The log export now shows the number of points earned for each entry.


  • Improved the Expression of Interest Dashboard load speed when a large number of EOIs exist.

  • Fixed a bug with location details being lost when cloning Face-to-Face sessions.

  • Fixed the version history dialog failing to load for certain activities with attributes from different schemas.

  • Changed the CMS Upload component to disable quiz submissions while an upload is taking place and also propagates error failures to the Quiz if an upload fails.



  • Self-Check In Functionality

    • Facilitators for a session will be able to access a Link or QR Code that can be scanned to allow a learner to check themselves into a session.

    • Learners can only check into a session within 15 minutes of the session start and end time to prevent link sharing.

    • If a facilitator has already marked a learner's attendance status then they won't be able to check-in.

    • Self Check-In can be enabled at a session, event or system-wide level.

  • Certificate Issuing and LinkedIn Integration

    • Certificates issued via ClearXP can now be shared to LinkedIn – the certificate awarded email can be configured to include a "Add to LinkedIn" button that will auto-populate the certificate details inside LinkedIn.

    • Generated certificates can now embed dynamic fields for any user profile or activity attribute.

    • Dynamic date fields now support any arbitrary date format.

    • Serial numbers can now be generated for certificates – serial numbers can be configured to match a specific format (combinations of letters, character length, etc.)

    • The certificate name can now be overridden so it doesn't need to match the generated filename. Certificate names can also be dynamic based on the activity that was completed to earn them.

  • PowerBI Shareable Links

    • Any report can now be used as a PowerBI Datasource by the creation of a shareable link. Shareable links are refreshed nightly to ensure PowerBI will show the most recent report results.

    • An Expiry Date can be set on a shareable link to provide access to the data inside a report for a limited timeframe.

    • Shareable links can be deleted at any time to immediately revoke access to that data.



  • Extended Cousera Integration

    • Catalog synchronisation will pull courses from whitelisted programs and import them as launchable activities inside ClearXP.

    • Expression of interest integration allows users to apply for a Coursera course or program and upon acceptance, will be invited to join the Coursera platform and be enrolled into the program.

    • Enrolment integration will listen for users selecting a course inside Coursera and automatically assign them the same course inside ClearXP so they can easily continue from where they left off inside Coursera.

    • Course progress integration will pull the user's current progress from Coursera and import it as tracking data inside ClearXP. When the user completes the course then they will also be marked as completed inside ClearXP.

    • Coursera tiles inside ClearXP now include internal logic and are smart enough to direct to the program-specific Course content page when the user is enrolled or the public course page when the user isn't enrolled.

  • Admin Dashboard Improvements including breadcrumb navigation, improved UX and the addition of video analytics data.

  • Generated Attributes can now be added to activities that will be calculated from a predetermined formula (i.e. roll-up all values from child activities).

  • Mark Attendance Tasks are now issued at the Session End Date to all facilitators if attendance hasn't already been marked. These tasks will then show up in the weekly digest email for outstanding tasks.


  • Increased the maximum upload size for files to 5Gb.

  • Fixed a bug where bulk uploading users wasn't triggering the invite email to be sent.

  • Fixed an issue where cloning a session with an attached WebEx meeting wouldn't correctly clear that meeting (meaning WebEx couldn't be re-added to the cloned session).

  • Added support for uploading SCORM packages where the zipped package contains a top-level folder instead of just the package contents.

  • Removed the centre alignment on PDF certificate generation.



  • Learner Training Plans and the Learning Calendar now support an "approval mode" where the plans and calendar entries won't be marked as completed until an approval task is confirmed.

  • Learner Log Enhancements

    • Time and hours are now marked as optional fields so that log entires can be collected for a day at a non-specific time.

    • The log now supports an approval flow so that log entries aren't recorded until an approver confirms them as correct.

    • The load speed has been improved so that log entries and points earned are only loaded for the calendar month currently being shown.

    • Adds the ability to disable hours from being shown on the calendar and summary chart and the exported entries.


  • Fixed the notifications dialog not loading correctly for sessions that didn't contain workflows.

  • Fixed an error that was occurring when attempting to submit multiple choices questions that contain more than one answer and options were using negative scores.

  • Fixed a number of templates not loading correctly in Safari.

  • Changed task notifications to pull email options from the attached activity instead of the task itself.

  • Fixed an issue where the module roll-up completion status wasn't being calculated when a user is first enrolled into a module due to a user profile change.



  • New AI Comment Flagging functionality will scan all feedback comments in the system for negative, abusive or at risk behaviour and summarises the results on a dashboard. The flagging functionality allows admins to override detected flags to help train the AI algorithm to produce better results.

  • The Social Feed component has been updated to show how has liked a post when hovering over the post's "likes" count.

  • Dashboard Charts now support dynamic filtering and interactivity so they can be linked together on custom dashboards.

  • Dashboard Report Table now supports pagination when a large number of results are returned.

  • Edit Email Notifications dialog now allows editing of the email messaging for scheduled notifications configured in the workflow.


  • Changed the search box to search against the activity name or unique attributes when searching through tasks from the user profile screen.

  • Improved the performance of the user profile screen when the system detects many linked accounts.

  • Fixed the export button on bulk upload not working when no errors or warnings are present.

  • Fixed the minimum respondents option not working correctly in the Performance Assessment template.



  • Cohort Enhancements

    • An Assign Users tab has been added to the activities screen that allows the ability to enrol users directly into an activity.

    • From the cohorts screen, each user now includes a list of cohorts they belong to for easier management and assignment.

    • Bulk upload now supports adding users to program cohorts.

  • Admin Improvements

    • It's now possible to impersonate a user directly from their User Profile screen.

    • Any linked accounts detected for a user are now displayed under their profile with the ability for admins to transfer completions from an old profile to new one.


  • Fixed an issue where assigned Sessions weren't showing up on the cohorts screen.

  • Support for SRT closed caption files has now been added (previously only VTT was supported)



  • Learner Training Plans

    • A new Training Plan CMS component can be used to build a form for users to create their own training plans based on self-selected development areas.

    • Available courses will be automatically filtered by the areas the user has picked from the dropdown selections.

    • Users can also create a training plan with any arbitrary external training by selecting the "other" option.

    • Training plans can be exported to PDF or sent to a manager for approval.

  • User Profile Enhancements

    • The User Activity table now includes filters for showing Enrolled / Active completions vs all Historical completions for that user.

    • A new Notifications tab will now show all notifications that user has received including in-hub, email and push notifications.

    • A new Tasks tab shows all tasks linked to that user, including filters for tasks that user has assigned to other people as well as tasks they are assigned.

    • Enrolments has been added to the References section to show all enrolments the user belongs to.

  • Visibility Filters have now been expanded to support the Learning Hub so that specific activities will only show up in the catalog search if the user matches those filter conditions.

  • The Learning Hub Session screen now supports self-registration and cancellation directly instead of requiring the user to visit the Events screen first.



  • Payment Processing functionality released:

    • Payment forms can now be created within the CMS to charge users to enrol into activities.

    • Payments can be accepted by existing, authenticated users or guest access can be added to a payment form to allow new customers to purchase and sign up for a course.

    • All collected payments will be settled and paid out to your bank account on a weekly or monthly schedule. Contact our support team if you're interested in accepting payments.

  • Visibility Filters can now be added to Face-to-Face Sessions so that those sessions will only appear when the filter conditions are met. This can be used to show certain sessions to different users based on their profile attributes (Job title, location, etc.)

  • Cohort Management now includes a button to remove the user from all waves/cohorts/circles that they may belong to, as opposed to just the single cohort.

  • Admin User Search slide-out panel now supports searching for users by attribute using autocomplete filtering.


  • The user profile popup seen when hovering over a user avatar in the admin interface now correctly parses dates and shows them in a readable format.

  • Stops KPI ratings from Annual Reviews appearing in monthly check-in reports.

  • Changes the Disabled when Full EOI setting to show the EOI button even when no sessions are scheduled.

  • Dimensions changed on Hub overlay container to better fit full-screen videos.



  • The Tasks Dashboard report now supports completely deleting a task so it will disappear from the system entirely (previously this just supported unassignment so the task would still be visible in the dashboard).

  • Outstanding Tasks Digest now support customisation for any arbitrary date-range bucket sizes instead of just being Last Week and Older.

  • Preset Reports now include a button to hide/remove columns from the report.

  • Hero Banner CMS component now supports options for using the activity thumbnail photo instead of the banner, as well as disabling the opacity mask.



  • Native WebEx Integration that can be enabled for Face-to-Face Sessions and will automatically schedule and synchronise a WebEx meeting with the session start/date time.

    • When scheduled, this will automatically pull-in the video conferencing link and join info for the WebEx meeting and attach them to the session.

    • When a facilitator opens the Session Screen and WebEx is enabled, they will be shown the Host Key for the meeting so they can join as a host.

    • WebEx can be enabled on sessions via bulk upload by setting the Video Conferencing column to "Webex".

  • Face-to-Face Events now include a new video conferencing Join Info field for setting arbitrary text that will appear next to the video conference link on the Learning Hub Sessions screen.

  • The Task Workflow Action now supports the ability to set a custom deep-link activity for that task as well as the ability to set the recipient as an Admin – this forces the task to appear on admin dashboards (intended as a replacement for the deprecated Request Approval action).

  • The Sessions Table CMS component now supports a read-only mode that allows displaying a list of sessions without being able to self-register into them.

  • The Completions and Task dashboard reports now support a back-end configuration option for disabling the drill-down of responses. This is intended to be used where responses are anonymous.


  • Changed the Edit Part link for a Session Series to point at the part activity instead of the hierarchy wrapper for that part.

  • Fixed the calendar invite export not working from the Learning Hub Facilitator screen.

  • Filters guest accounts out of all user search or selection components in the admin UI.

  • Fixed bulk import not working for Session Series when the session name column appeared ahead of the parent event name column.

  • Fixed a timing issue where a workflow that produces two or more workflow actions from the same source tracking statement could cause one of these actions to be skipped if the actions were processed out of order.

  • Changed the Reset Password and Re-send Activation Email buttons in the user profile to send to the user's Email Address attribute instead of the username field (this would cause problems when the user's username isn't an email).

  • Fixed a bug where attributes CMS Quiz components couldn't be deleted once added.

  • Fixed a bug where the CMS Accordion component wouldn't expand when clicking on the text portion of the accordion header.

The Request Admin Approval workflow action has now been deprecated. Please use the Task workflow action with an Admin recipient instead as this offers far more flexibility.



  • Session Filtering Settings are now on available Events for controlling what sessions will be visible in the registration table. This includes the following options:

    • Hide When Full to only display sessions that include available spaces.

    • Day/Time Filters for providing a drill-down selection on day of week and time of day so that users can more easily locate sessions that fit their availability.

  • Bulk Change Activities from the activity search screen by selecting multiple and then marking them as hidden, visible or active.

  • Workflow Actions now allow the ability to set a fixed or dynamic due date when assigning a task to a user. This Due Date will display against their tasks list in the Learning Hub.

  • Face-to-Face Locations can now be given a Virtual attribute which will indicate that the map should be hidden from the Session view.

  • The KPI Goals component now include an option for displaying past rating responses so that managers can see how learners have rated themselves.


  • Changed the order of responses shown in drill-down dashboards to match the question order instead of being random.

  • Fixed the video analytics dashboard not loading if the activity wasn't typed as a video (sometimes this is intentional and now we look for video data instead of relying on type).

  • Fixed an issue where Action Items weren't appearing in a user's task list due to adverse effects of a previous performance improvement change.

  • Fixed a sporadic bug where KPI assessment results were not getting tracked back to the original KPI but instead against the question itself. This was caused by a timing issue on large pages.

  • Fixed KPI assessments recording data against the wrong user registration when the manager who is performing the assessment doesn't contain a custom registration.

  • Changed the completion status indicator to respect custom statuses passed to it and not resolve to the back-end data. This is required when looking at the completion status of a direct report.

  • Fixed a bug where the attendance status would sometimes show an outdated value inside the facilitator view for the Learning Hub Session screen.

  • Changed notification sending to prevent sending notifications to the managers of deactivated or inactive users.



  • New Squadify Integration which provides for a deep content integration with the Squadify assessment process. When enabled, this provides the ability to:

    • Build a custom assessment/survey inside ClearXP that will feed data back to Squadify.

    • Assign tasks to each member of a team and have their responses track back to the squad leader.

    • When the Squadify report is generated, the results will be fed back to ClearXP for the squad leader to access and review inside the platform.

  • Bulk Import now supports the ability to upload activities where a column links to a specific user in the system. Previously bulk import would only import the user's name and not a reference to the user itself.

  • Bulk Import also now validates against any filter conditions on the schema. For example, when the schema restricts the attribute to specific user group, then an error will be returned if the bulk uploaded field doesn't match those conditions.

  • The Actor Selection component now supports a new "pre-select results" option that will automatically select all users who match the filter conditions.


  • Fixed task activities not always being linked to the correct user registration. This means tasks can now more easily be connected with tracking data collected, such as user responses.

  • Fixed an error where version history wouldn't load for certain activities where an attribute schema had changed from a single value to multiple.

  • Enabled support for arbitrary quiz inputs within the Social Comment component.

  • Fixed the Actor Selection component still being selectable even when the quiz was marked as disabled.

  • Fixed a glitch where the cursor would sporadically lose focus and "jump" when attempting to type in the text input component.

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