2023 / Q3 - Q4



We’ve created a new integration that can be used to import data into ClearXP via email. By setting up a recurring email sent to the integration, we will automatically download, transform and import that data so it can be used for correlation reporting.


  • We fixed an issue where bulk importing Sessions underneath an Event could incorrectly classify those sessions if they happened to be mapped to an Event field.

  • Fixed an issue where Face-to-Face Self Check-In functionality was marking a user as having attended the Session but wasn’t rolling up and marking the Event as completed.

  • We changed overnight Workflow processing to always evaluate against the latest registration created instead of the latest registration accessed – this distinction had meant that some users were receiving the same notification every night.

  • Fixed an issue where Bulk Importing activities could result in an empty version history entry if the bulk import only contained validation errors.



  • Publishing activities across realms now also transfers the content attached to those activities.

  • We’ve improved the UX of the Facilitator Availability Calendar, including:

    • The calendar is now fully responsive and fills the entire width of the screen.

    • Events now fill the entire grid square and long event names no longer wrap onto multiple lines and are instead truncated with an ellipsis.

    • Hovering over a session or unavailability entry will now show the full name and start/end dates for that entry.


  • Deleting a user will now also remove that user from any User Groups or Roles they may have been added to as an individual. Previously this would result in an empty user name displaying.

  • We fixed support for custom filters not applying to the visualisations in the Reports screen.

  • We’ve improved support for loading content inside the Learning Hub native app – opening and closing nested content now works predictably when previously it could create empty overlays.

  • The Face-to-Face Session Save + Notify function will now longer notify Presenters since the change may not affect them. Instead, Presenters will only be notified on Time Slot changes.

  • Fixed a bug in our Coursera Integration where the catalog synchronisation was hitting some limits and not deactivating all removed courses in the weekly sync.



Content Authoring UX Improvements We've made a concentrated effort to improve the quality of life for users of our content editor. Including the following enhancements:

  • Clicking on link button when an existing link is selected now re-opens the dialog to let you view and edit the link.

  • The link dialog now shows a "remove" button when an existing link has been set.

  • Enables link button when there is an active link in the selection even when that selection is empty.

  • Editing components with really long lists of properties will now only show 3 items from the list at the time with a scrollbar to navigate through the remaining items.

  • It's now also possible to add items to both the beginning and end of property lists.

Time Slot / Presenter Functionality We've made a handful of small improvements to managing time slots against a session:

  • A new Save and Notify option will send updated calendar invites to presenters after editing the details of a time slot.

  • We added support for a new placeholder for including the session's Location in Presenter notifications.

  • Facilitators now have access to view the Presenter attachments for sessions they're running.

  • We've renamed "Attachments" to "Learner Attachments" in both the admin and learner front-end screens for clarity over who sees what.


  • We improved support for very large events with over 2,000 sessions.

  • Session deactivation will no longer remove the session from the event.

  • Time-series charts will now correctly show missing data points as 0 values on the chart instead of drawing a continuous line between the 2 existing data points.

  • Fixed an issue where editing an enrolment with a dynamic start/due date workflow could restore the wrong dynamic values resulting in accidental changes to the workflow rules.



Performance Assessments We've made a couple improvements to KPI assessments:

  • The results of a KPI assessment can now be visualised as charts, including the popular polar/spider chart.

  • Scale descriptions for KPIs can now be configured to show inline on the screen to prevent users having to hover over each option to compare meanings.

  • It's now possible to disable scale options for a given KPI question if they're not applicable.

Interaction Labelling Previously all analytics data would be automatically assigned a human-readable label based on pre-determined system rules. It's now possible to extend these rules for labelling program-specific interactions in the back-end. This helps for bespoke reporting on very custom learning modules.

WebEx Integration We've made some improvements to our WebEx integration so that we can now support meetings created by different host emails. When a new session is created, it will schedule the meeting using the configured host email but updating an existing session will update the WebEx meeting using the host who originally created that meeting. This allows for backwards-compatibility when re-authorising the WebEx integration.


  • Fixed print styles being cut-off for content embedded in overlays

  • Fixed an issue where user status automation (for activating or deactivating users) was using the incorrect priority order when evaluating statuses.

  • Previously renaming a top-level module wouldn't work for content published from certain authoring tools because those tools would send tracking data that would revert to the old name. This has now been fixed.



Multilingual Support with Automatic AI Translations AI translations for multilingual support are now enabled for the entire Learning Hub. We initially rolled out this functionality last quarter for uploaded eLearn modules but have now made it available at a platform-wide level.

Learners are able to set their preferred language in their Learning Hub profile and all content will automatically translate on-the-fly. This includes system prompts, learning content as well as all user-generated content such as social comments and responses.


  • We've made a whole heap of accessibility improvements to bring the platform in line with the latest WCAG 2.2 release.

  • Fixed search result thumbnails not showing the correct image when performing subsequent searches



Augmented Reality Camera The Learning Hub native app now supports a camera mode equipped with AR functionality so learners can scan everyday objects to bring up relevant information. This turns the native app into an interactive knowledge base of content.

Features include:

  • The ability to point the camera at a known object which will highlight it and bring up matching content in real-time.

  • The ability to take a photo of barcode to find relevant information for a product

  • Show a product card for scanned objects with quick info or link out to full training modules.

  • Full xAPI tracking on camera utilisation including objects scanned and content accessed.

Admin UX Enhancements We've made a few small UX tweaks that should make the Event Sessions View a little easier to navigate – we now display the time of the session as well as any tags assigned to those sessions. Tags can also be applied as filters by clicking them or typing them into the search bar.


  • Changed the "Edit Report" button for the Historical and Active completions button to now also include all fields including Time Spent, Date Completed and other metadata fields.

  • Fixed an issue where scheduled workflow actions weren't being sent for workflows that only contained a single condition.

  • Fixed a module roll-up issue where an activity that was configured to be completed when specific child activities were completed would incorrectly mark the module as completed in 1970 if those sub-activities were subsequently removed.



Learning Hub Enhancements

  • Notifications within the Learning Hub can now be dismissed by clicking the cross next to the notification message, hiding them from view. This helps learners identify new or outstanding notifications.

  • Session Self-Check In now supports configurable Start and End Date buffer periods so that learners can check into a session ahead of the start time.

Content Authoring Enhancements

  • The Training Plan component has now been made much more customisable:

    • The plan can now take any arbitrary number of columns with the ability to customise column headings and descriptions.

    • Multiple categories can now be configured so entries into the training plan will be recorded against those categories.

    • Columns can now accept numerous new formats including short text, long text, date and attribute drop down.

  • Our Performance Management goals functionality now supports pulling in goals across a specific date range.

  • Deep-linking now supports linking into a content activity with the option to pre-select a response from any multiple choice components on that page.


  • Added support for user scope to feed into custom dashboards. This means non-standard dashboards will now correctly restrict data to just the users an admin has permission to view.

  • Fixed support for adding Indonesian translations to the video component.

  • Fixed a bug where asset rollback wasn't correctly reverting to the previous version.

  • Fixed an issue when bulk uploading attendance and no attendance status was set – this would incorrectly mark the uploaded learners as attended.



Notifications Editor We've made a number of enhancements to the Notifications Editor to improve usability when writing your notification messages:

  • Full Rich Text Editor support for adding headings, numbered/bullet lists, quotes and links.

  • Support for custom Lookups so that notifications can now include blocks of content that will be dynamically injected according to rules defined by you.

  • Version History to see all published changes made to the notifications including the ability to go back in time to review past versions of the notification.

Content References A new CMS References dropdown panel has now been added the Activities Screen that can be used to find any activities that include a content reference to the one you're currently inspecting. This helps to find where an activity is used so you can be aware of the flow-on effects of changes.

Improvements to Injected Content Our SCORM Converter already supported the ability to inject ClearXP content into your pre-published SCORM module. This injected content now includes a couple of handy improvements:

  • Injected content can now be configured to only display once – useful if showing a feedback popup upon course completion.

  • xAPI data collected from the injected content will now track back to the original SCORM module it was embedded within for simplified reporting.


  • The new Report Builder has now been assigned its own permission group so it can be turned on/off independently of other reporting functions.

  • Fixed a glitch where the "Launching Content..." loading message wasn't appearing in the Learning Hub after clicking on an activity.



  • We improved support for our SCORM Converter across a wider range of LMS'.

  • We fixed an issue where filters had stopped working on custom dashboards.

  • We've changed completion roll-up processing so that it won't generate duplicate roll-up statements if processing failed.

  • We also fixed a sporadic glitch where the Learning Hub would show double scrollbars when opening and closing multiple layers of content within each other.



Goals Functionality We've extended the goals tracking aspect of our Performance Management suite to allow for much more customisability:

  • Goals can now be created underneath sub-categories of KPIs.

  • Previously created goals can now be edited and updated after submission.

  • Custom questions can be assigned to goals instead of a simple rating scale.

  • When creating or editing goals, we will now highlight which goals have been changed but un-submitted to avoid data loss.


  • We fixed an issue where privately uploaded videos wouldn't launch if our auto-compression hadn't run prior to the user attempting to load the video.

  • We also changed user reindex functionality to correctly update the user's latest enrolment status.



Learning Hub Session Sharing We've exposed a simplified login experience for the Learning Hub native app that allows you to share your session with another device. Bring up the Linked Devices screen to display a rotating one-time password that can be entered into another device for fast-tracked sign-in. This is particularly effective when used with VR headsets.


  • We changed the completion status on Program Owner dashboards to show users as completed if they had ever completed the activity vs if their current status was completed.



Beta Report Builder We've released the beta version of an overhauled report building experience. The new report builder is designed to allow the creation of much more powerful reports from a simple user interface:

  • New pivot functionality enables transforming the output of a report from rows into columns. This includes pivoting across multiple fields.

  • Easily filter on any column including number or date-range filters.

  • Lookup values allow overriding the output of specific report columns with more human-friendly names.

  • Drag and drop columns for easily reordering, or click edit to rename or sort the column.

  • Organise similar reports into collections for simplified management.

  • Collaborative editing multiple admins can work on the same report at the same time without causing conflicts.

Dashboard Enhancements Custom dashboards now support adding user filters to reduce the amount of data displayed. This now standardises standardises functionality across all system-default dashboards.


  • Fixed the notification history not loading correctly due to newly added multilingual support.

  • Bulk Upload now correctly supports uploading of user attributes that are configured as numbers or multi-value fields.



Enhanced Notifications Support We've released a brand new user interface for simplifying notification creation that is packed with new functionality.

  • Newly added SMS Support for sending notifications via text message.

  • The ability to configure any channel on or off for a given notification, including Learning Hub notifications.

  • Variations functionality means notifications can be easily customised or turned on/off for different audiences and conditions.

  • Collaborative editing of notifications allows multiple people to edit messaging at the same time.


  • Corrected an inconsistency in the drill-down view for activity completions in Manager Dashboards. Previously assigned learning would include uploaded documents but self-registered wouldn't. Now both views show uploaded documents and their expiry dates.

  • Fixed a bug where the Excel export was resulting in corrupted files when exporting from certain reports.

  • Payment Processing now correctly supports pulling the cost for a Session Series.



Bulk Upload Improvements The Bulk Upload function now supports a handful of exciting new options:

  • It's now possible to bulk mark the attendance status for users in a face-to-face session by including a column with their desired status. Note that marking a user as attended will enrol them into the session if they're not currently enrolled, and marking them as cancelled or a no-show will un-enrol them.

  • We've added support for bulk uploading Time Slots underneath a session to ease administration of the Session Time Slot functionality in the last release.

  • Previously bulk uploading facilitators would always add those users to the session, it's now possible to specify:

    • To Bulk Replace all currently assigned facilitators with the facilitators from the file.

    • To Bulk Remove the facilitators in the file from the specified sessions.

    • To Bulk Add the facilitators to the specified sessions in addition to existing facilitators.

  • We've also added support for bulk uploading facilitators via their unique attribute when configured to be something other than Email Address.


  • Manager Dashboards now exclude face-to-face sessions from the overall completion status for a more consistent view between learners and managers.

  • Changed the Impersonate button behaviour to authenticate as the currently logged in user when nobody has been selected instead of directing to SSO.

  • Fixed an issue where less than and greater than report filters weren't working correctly when being used with a 4-digit number because it was incorrectly being interpreted as a date.



Session Time Slots Face-to-Face sessions now include Time Slot functionality that provides a means to break a session into smaller discrete agenda items. Presenters can be assigned to these slots and will receive a calendar invite for just the slot they are due to attend.

Dynamic Content Workflows When using the Workflow content type, it's now possible to launch a different content activity depending on which step of the workflow the user is on. We've also now added support for launching eLearn packages from this content type.

This enables use cases such as dynamic learning where we can launch a pre-assessment survey and then load tailored content based on the learner's results to the assessment.



  • The Learning Hub now supports setting conditions against content that appears on first load so it will only apply to certain audiences or user groups.

  • We've exposed new Enrolment Type and Enrolment Category metrics in the data explorer for the Completions data source.

  • The Add Users search now filters out deactivated and inactive users from the results.

  • User Search now supports searching by a geographical distance if that user contains geo data such as a zip or postcode.

  • Custom Reports now support dynamic lookup values when grouping – this allows us to create custom formula reports such as calculating an NPS Score.


  • Fixed the report sharing dialog not loading correctly with legacy permissions set prior to implementing label-based permissions.

  • Fixed a glitch where the Visibility Settings config option wouldn't render the correctly selected option.

  • Fixed a number of issues with F2F two-step approvals not showing previously approved users.

  • Fixed a bug with the enrolments export not working on sub-labels.

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