Content Creation

ClearXP comes with a simple built-in CMS editor for creating your own learning content. The editor's capabilities are suited for building single-page, bite-sized learning content but will be expanded over time.

Creating Content

Adding a New Activity

There are a few steps to create a new piece of content from scratch.

1. From the activities screen, click Add Activities and Embed HTML to create a new custom activity.

2. Enter a name for the activity, leave the content area blank and click Create Activity From the Config tab, under Template, select the Blank Template.

3. In the Embed HTML input, enter the following characters: {} and click Save Changes

4. Finally, to launch the CMS Editor, click Edit Content

At present, the Blank Template provides a way to build a piece of learning content from scratch but other templates will be added to provide a way to customise existing platform screens such as the Activity Playlist and Event view screens.

Editing Content

Once loaded, the CMS Editor will look a little like the following:

Blank template with no content

The main area of the screen contains a preview of your activity content while the left-hand side of the screen contains a toolbar with the following buttons:

  • Back Arrow - Closes the CMS editor and returns to the Activity Config screen without saving any changes.

  • Configuration Cog - Opens the configuration panel on the right-hand side of the screen, this panel includes template and component-specific configuration options.

  • Desktop/Tablet/Mobile icons - Will resize the content preview area to emulate the different device resolution. This is useful for testing how your content will scale.

  • Save icon - Saves any changes you have made to the template and its configuration.

Adding Components

The dotted rectangle and blue plus are an indicator of an area of the page that can contain dynamic content.

  1. Click the Blue Plus to add a new component to the page.

  2. A searchable list of components will appear, select the component you wish to add to the page.

  3. The component will appear at the bottom of the page, click and drag to rearrange it amongst any other components already added to the page.

Editing Text Components

Many components contain text that can be edited inline. Click inside the component and type to edit the text, or highlight text to display list of formatting options.

Editing Advanced Components

More complex components may contain additional configuration that will be displayed in the Configuration Panel described earlier in this article.

  1. Click the component to select it, a blue dotted rectangle will appear around the selected component.

  2. Click the Configuration Cog in the toolbar to open the panel and edit any available settings.

Consult the Component List below to see which components contain additional configuration.

Deleting Components

To delete a component, click and drag it into the Delete Zone that appears in the bottom-right hand side of the screen.

Component List

The following is a list of all available components and any configuration options.

Common Components



Configuration Options


Free text for writing formatted content.


A block element with text for breaking up the page into sections.


Upload or add an existing image to the page.

  • Alt Text - Associated with the image for screen-reader use.

Embed Code

Insert custom HTML code that may be supplied from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Layout Components



Configuration Options


Splits the page into two columns so content can be displayed side-by-side.

Quiz Components



Configuration Options


A container for quiz input elements, responsible for submitting and grading the quiz.

  • Quiz Name - The name of the quiz for reporting purposes.

  • Submitted Message - Displayed after the quiz has been submitted.

Text Input

A free text input field for collecting open-ended responses.

  • Input Label - The label to display above this input field.

Multiple Choice

A drop-down selection of multiple responses.

  • Label - The label to display above this input field.

  • Choices - Name/Value pairs of possible selection options. Value will be used in reports as the selected response.

Rating Scale

Sets and displays the scale for Rating Question components.

  • Scale - Description/Score pairs for each of the possible scale ratings. Both Description and Score will appear in reports.

Rating Question

A question for the preceding Scale Rating. Ensure a Scale Rating exists in the content prior to this component, otherwise no options will be displayed.

You must add a Quiz component to the page before you can add any of the question-related input fields. All input fields must be nested underneath a Quiz to be functional.